The Importance of Skills & Experience

Posted by Ella Kipling - 19 Jan 2021
Productions strive for realism so any skills

Adding your experience and training to your Uni-versal Extras profile can help you to secure more roles. With productions looking to create a sense of realism, you never know when those skills and experience in any field might come in handy for film and TV!

From Horse Riding to Waste Management

Realism on screen is something productions strive for – nobody wants their suspension of disbelief ruined by a doctor administrating chest compressions to the kidneys! Your skills, experience and training can therefore be an important factor when casting specific roles.

When we receive a brief looking for the ‘real deal’, we search based on the information you have provided on your profile. Any skills, jobs, experience or training you have may one day help you get a role. It is important to remember that no job or skill is irrelevant — we have been asked for all of it — check out a few of our favourite requests below:

Drag Artists

Specialist Drivers – HGV, Bus, Digger, etc. 

Medical Professionals

Military Experience

Musicians – popular requests include piano, drums, choirs the list is endless

Performers – Actors, Dancers, Models

Stunts, Combat, Fighting and Weapons Training

Hospitality Staff – anything from baristas to silver service trained servers

Basket Weavers

Billiards Players




Human Statues



But Where Do I List My Skills?

On your profile there is a section called Skills & Training with multiple drop down lists. Have a look through and make sure to select any that relate to you. Please make sure you are confident in your ability and training before adding it to your profile – you do not want to show up to set and feel out of your depth.

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