Explained: New Dashboard & Diary

Posted by William - 11 Jun 2014
Uni-versal Extras have today released the new EXTRAS Diary & Dashboard features

We’ve just released the new EXTRAS Dashboard and My Diary features to your profile – here is some guidance on what you can expect from these new features and how they work.

Stay Organised with My Diary

The My Diary page is designed to help you keep track of the roles that you have been checked for with Uni-versal Extras. Each Diary is personalised to each EXTRA to help you stay on top of your commitments with us.

A few things to remember… please note that because the Diary is new, some productions that you are ‘Booked’ or ‘Penciled’ for will not appear.  Don’t panic! When we speak to you what we say is always final – the Calendar is intended only as a guide. If an Event is missing from your Diary, this does not mean that you are not required. If you are ever unsure about your dates please call us on 0845 0090 344. 

The top half of the My Diary page will be very familiar – it’s that classic calendar format that we’ve had hanging on our walls for decades… and more recently on our tablets, computers and phones! If a date is green this represents an Event, for example if you are currently ‘penciled‘ or ‘booked‘ for that date. If you hover over the green dot on the Diary this will bring up some more basic information about that date, for example what production it is for.The bottom half of the My Diary page shows you any Future Events that you have in a list format.

The Diary is designed to act only as a reminder – you will still be contacted about jobs just as you always have with Uni-versal Extras. If you’re unsure exactly how things work or what it means to be ‘penciled’ or ‘booked’, please read our Welcome Pack which is full of helpful tips.

Stay Connected through your Customisable Dashboard

Introducing your brand new Dashboard – the central hub of your EXTRAS profile! You can probably tell that we’re super excited about this, so let’s jump straight in and explain what each feed does:


This shows you a simplified version of your Calendar. If you have an Event listed that date will be coloured green and you can click on it to find out more. Please remember that as this page is new, not all productions will currently be listed on your Diary and Calendar.

Latest Jobs

This shows a selection of the jobs that we currently have advertised on the Jobs Board. You can customise this field by setting your ‘Location Filter’ to only show jobs in your area.


This page will be unveiled soon so watch this space!


You’re here at our brand spanking new Blog right now – this feed will keep you up to date with our latest articles as we post them.

Twitter & Facebook Feeds

These show our most recent Tweets and Facebook posts. These tools are a great way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on at Uni-versal Extras. We sometimes use these tools to post Urgent Castings so if you’re interested, make sure you follow us!

Top tip: you can customise your Dashboard by dragging and moving your different feeds around – simply click and hold onto the icon in the top right of selected feeds to move them around!