Perfect Pictures First Time

Posted by Amy - 22 Jan 2019

Photos, No one likes getting that little message from our Photo Moderation Team saying they couldn’t accept their pictures! But your photos are key in securing you work, so how do you get them right first time? We have spoken to our Photo Moderation Team to find what they are looking for in your Photos

Your Standard Profile Photos


All you need to get your pictures right are

– You! You are the star of this photo shoot.

– A simple outfit

– A neutral background

– A digital camera

– and a helpful Friend

Sounds easy enough, Let’s go take some pictures.

Standard Examples

Internal White Wall


External Brick Wall


External White Wall



– The background must be plain without light switches, door frames or other clutter.
– The lighting must be good, i.e. so we can clearly see your features and skin colour.
– The photo must be taken flat against a wall and not in a corner or against the edge of a wall.
– You must stand in the centre of the shot and the top of your head must not be cut off.

Remember the Production only get to see two images of you in their Look Book so make sure they count by being the best they can be.

Ad Hoc Images

Now from time to time, our Booking Team will require ad hoc images, these will not be subject to photo moderation as they will be for just the one role and then removed, It’s still important to get the best image you can. Let’s take a look at hands and selfies.



Remember when you are asked for images of your hands, take photos of both hands once with your palms up and once with your palms down. Always use a flat surface such as a clear table.



Selfies are usually requested to show the Production exactly how you look now, they are most likely to show the Hair and Makeup department so they don’t want to see any makeup or hairstyling as they need to know how they can work with your hair and skin. Take a picture looking directly down the camera lens as well as a profile image.

Things to Remember

All photos uploaded to our website are moderated by real people. There is no prejudice of any kind when we moderate photos, we simply follow the company guidelines which are clearly set out on our website.

If you follow these guidelines, we’re confident that your photos can get the stamp of approval from our eagle-eyed Photo Moderation Team. If you ever change your appearance, i.e. hairstyle, hair length, facial hair, etc., then you’ll need to be ready to take new photos and upload them to your profile. Good Luck and Happy Snapping!