Help Shape Our Website/App? Take Part in Our Feedback Questionnaire!

Posted by Paul - 06 Dec 2021
Help us Improve the UVE Artiste App By Submitting Your Feedback! :: Uni-versal Extras

To make finding, applying and securing great TV and Film work as a Supporting Artiste, we have been developing and updating our Website and our brand new Artiste App at every opportunity.

That said, as part of our crucial research to develop the kind of resources that truly benefit all of our Artistes, who better to ask that for feedback than the Artistes themselves?

That’s right! The development team at UVE are on the hunt for your feedback and honest opinions as to what you would like to see involved in this process. It’s time to have your say!

If you click on the link below, you will get taken to a form with eleven simple questions. Eight of the questions are multiple choice, and three are free entry so you can expand on your thoughts further (if you so wish – no pressure).

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to do and the questionnaire will work on any device that you’re currently reading this blog on. Whether that be through the browser on a computer, on your mobile phone or on a tablet.

The feedback questionnaire will ask if you use the Website and App, what you use them for, how easy you find it to use them and if there is anything else you would like to see. The more data we’re able to gather, the more tailored and enjoyable your Artiste experience can be. That’ll mean and less time doing Extras admin, and more time securing great TV and Film roles with ease. 

You can get to the questionnaire by clicking here.

We will read every response we get and we hope to include your ideas in our developments.  We promise to only take 5 minutes — max! 


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