Your Ultimate Profile Photo Guide!

Posted by Rebecca - 01 Sep 2021
Taking photos for your profile has never been easier with our handy profile photo guide! Follow our easy tips and nail your profile pictures first time!

Taking your Uni-versal Extras’ profile pictures needn’t be a hassle. In fact, it’s never been easier with our latest handy photo guide! So, if you’re tired of your photos being rejected, we’re here to help you achieve the perfect photos for your Extra’s profile!

How to Achieve Perfect Profile Photos!

Having and maintaining up-to-date photos on your profile is essential in helping to secure roles, which is why at Uni-versal Extras, we devote a lot of our time to ensure that your photos meet industry standards. We are incredibly proud of our photo approval system and we often receive great praise from productions about the quality of our Supporting Artists’ photos. However, there’s no need to stress about taking highly professional photos, our helpful guide is super easy to follow and covers everything you need to know to make sure that your photos meet requirements.

The Basics

All Uni-versal Extras profiles require two images, regardless if you are an activated or unactivated member. These must be a head and shoulders shot and a full body picture. Whilst these ideally would be taken with a good quality camera, we do accept photos taken on camera phones. This includes iPhone and Androids so there’s no need to run out to grab the latest photography equipment! All photos should be taken in good lighting, preferably natural or studio-based lighting, so please keep this in mind when choosing where to take your pictures.

With the head and shoulders shot, this should be a forward-facing photo from your shoulders upwards, standing directly in the center of the frame looking straight at the camera. In terms of the full body shot, we would need a similar shot, but from head to toe. Please ensure that you include your entire body in this shot, including your feet.

Example of a acceptable head and shoulders shot and an unacceptable head and shoulders shot.

Example of a acceptable full body photo and an unacceptable full body photo.

Don’t let the background steal your limelight!

One of the main reasons that we may reject photos is due to the background. All photos on your Uni-versal Extras’ profile should be taken in front of a neutral background, preferably a plain white wall. Put simply, we require a simple and clear background as to not distract casters and productions from looking at you. After all, you are the star of the show, we don’t want any pets or lavish wallpaper taking that away from you! If a plain white/neutral background is unavailable to you, we also accept photos taken in front of a brick wall.

The photo must contain NO distractions. Things such as plug sockets, shelves, doorframes, light switches, furniture and picture frames are all classed as distractions and your photos will be rejected if they include any items along these lines.

This full body would be rejected due to the background and the fact that the subject isn’t facing forward or standing straight.

Show yourself, not your accessories!

We do not accept photos that include unnecessary accessories that take away from your features. These include things such as hats, sunglasses or large earrings. If you are a glasses wearer but are able to wear contact lenses or no glasses at all, make sure you upload a photo to your profile without glasses.

The same goes for clothing. Whilst you can keep your outfit as casual or dressy as you like, it’s best to avoid branded clothing or garments with slogans written on it. From time to time, you may be asked to upload photos of yourself in certain costumes by the Casting Team, however try to keep your head and shoulders shot and full body photo as simple as possible.


Here at Uni-versal Extras, we like the natural look! Therefore, we do not accept photos with heavy filters of any kind. We also do not accept black and white images. As long as your photos are taken in good lighting, there is no need to edit your photos, just keep it natural!

This full body would be rejected as we do not accept black and white photos.

Know your photo sizing!

Our website is equipped to handle photos of a standard width and height; therefore, it’s important that you avoid cropping your photos in order to remove any distractions from your images. Instead, it’s far more effective to simply move any distractions so that they are not in the way of you taking your photo, or if that isn’t possible, simply find a new location to take your photos in.

This head and shoulders shot wouldn’t be accepted as it has been cropped, it doesn’t have a plain background, and the subject is wearing a hat.

Keep on top of your photos!

Once you’ve nailed your profile photos, it’s important that you keep them as up-to-date as possible. If you’ve recently had a haircut, lost some weight or even have a new visible tattoo, make sure to snap some updated shots of yourself and upload them to your profile. Your profile photos are what productions see when they are deciding whether to book you for a role, so it really is important that they are seeing a true reflection of how you are at present.

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