The Gentlemen (2024) TV Series Still | Uni-versal Extras

The Gentlemen

Director: Guy Ritchie / David Caffrey / Eran Creevy / Nima Nourizadeh
Production Co.: Netflix
Location(s): London, South East
Extraordinary - Series 2 (2024) TV Series | Uni-versal Extras

Extraordinary – Series 2

Director: Toby MacDonald / Jennifer Sheridan / Nadira Amrani
Production Co.: Sid Gentle Films
Location(s): London
Gassed Up (2023) Feature Film Still | Universal Extras

Gassed Up

Director: George Amponsah
Production Co.: Amazon Video
Location(s): London
Jackdaw (2023) Feature Film | Uni-versal Extras


Director: Jamie Childs
Production Co.: Anton / North East Screen Never / Sleep Pictures
Location(s): Yorkshire & North East
Masters of the Air (2023) TV Series :: Uni-versal Extras

Masters of the Air

Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga / Anna Boden / Ryan Fleck / Dee Rees / Timothy Van Patten
Production Co.: Apple TV
Location(s): Multiple UK Locations
Sexy Beast (2024) TV Series Still | Uni-versal Extras

Sexy Beast

Director: Michael Caleo
Production Co.: Paramount+
Location(s): North West
The Kitchen (2024) Feature Film Still | Uni-versal Extras

The Kitchen

Director: Daniel Kaluuya, Kibwe Tavares
Production Co.: Netflix
Location(s): London
Good Grief (2024) Feature Film | Uni-versal Extras

Good Grief

Director: Dan Levy
Production Co.: Netflix
Location(s): London

One Life

Director: James Hawes
Production Co.: BBC / Warner Bros. / See-Saw Films
Location(s): London, South East