7 Unforgettable Fashion Trends and the Film Characters that Inspired Them!

Posted by Indiana - 08 Jun 2023
7 Fashion Trends Inspired by Movies! | Where Fashion Meets Film: 7 Fashion Trends Inspired by Movies | Uni-versal Extras

Attention fashionistas and film enthusiasts, get ready to dive into a world where film and fashion collide!

Ahead of London Fashion Week 2023, we’re keen to explore where the silver screen meets the runway by taking a look at 7 unforgettable fashion trends and the iconic film characters that inspired them.

So, get your popcorn and your best outfit ready and let’s get rolling – lights, camera, fashion!

First up, we have…


Plaid ‘totally’ exploded in popularity after the release of the iconic movie Clueless back in 1995 …all because of trend-setting queen bee of Beverly Hills High, Cher Horowitz.

Cher’s It-Girl wardrobe was the work of brilliant costume designer Mona May – and her work stands the test of time, with Cher’s iconic yellow ensemble still being a fancy dress party staple to this day!

Bomber Jackets / Aviators

In 1986, Top Gun took the world by storm, not only with its high-flying action but also its undeniable style.

Maverick, played by the one and only Tom Cruise, made two fashion statements that would go down in history: bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses. As people clamoured to get a piece of that cool Maverick style, both iconic pieces skyrocketed in popularity and created a fashion frenzy.

In fact, the movie reportedly sent Aviator sales soaring by nearly 40% in 7 months following the movie’s premiere!

Off the Shoulder Sweats

You might be surprised to learn that the ‘Off the Shoulder’ sweatshirt famously worn by the character of Alex in 1983’s Flashdance was actually inspired by a laundry mishap.

Lead actress Jennifer Beal has said the costume came about after wearing an old sweatshirt to her audition – one which she’d cut because it had been left in the dryer too long and she could no longer could fit her head through!

After this, bare shoulders were all the rage and outfits seen in gyms / aerobics classes across the globe changed forever.

The Halterneck

After Marilyn Monroe sashayed onscreen in The Seven Year Itch all the way back in 1955, audiences simply fell in love with the halterneck.

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress, designed by William Travilla, became one of the most recognized images of 20th century cinema. So much so, in fact, that Marilyn’s original dress sold at auction for a whopping $4.6 million!

Rayban Wayfarers

We’re not sure what it is about Tom Cruise in a pair of sunglasses, but its influence is undeniable!

This time, we’re talking Wayfarers.

After launching in 1952, Rayban’s Wayfarer range quickly made an impression by appearing on the likes of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. However, by the 1980s, Wayfarer sales had plummeted and the entire range faced discontinuation.

That was until Tom Cruise’s appearance as Joel Goodsen in Risky Business resurrected them, boosting sales by 50% and subsequently saving the company!


The release of 1967’s Bonnie & Clyde sent beret sales into a tailspin.

Fans of the film were so taken with Faye Dunaway’s portrayal of Bonnie Parker that they flocked to beret retailers in record numbers, and production across France almost doubled after the movie hit cinema screens.

Bonnie’s striking style is all thanks to costume designer Theadora Van Runkle – a fashion-forward creator that pushed to elevate the real Bonnie Parker’s wardrobe in place of something bold to match the character’s personality!

The LBD (‘Little Black Dress’)

Although inspired by 1920’s designs by Coco Chanel, the little black dress boomed in popularity after it was seen on Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

To this day, the LBD is synonymous with class and sophistication – and we have Givenchy’s creation for the Breakfast at Tiffany’s film to thank for it!

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