What is an ‘N.D.A’?

Posted by Indiana - 08 May 2024
What is an 'N.D.A'? | Uni-versal Extras Blog

For Artistes just getting started with us, you might be thinking: What the heck is an ‘N.D.A’?

Please allow us to explain…

What is an N.D.A?

NDA is an acronym.

It stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement – it’s a pretty standard document that lots of businesses ask employees or workers to sign when they are privy to inside information that could be risky if it got out.

This makes it very common in the world of TV and Film where things like spoilers being leaked can be catastrophic!

An N.D.A. is essentially a document that asks you to keep hush hush about anything you encounter during your time working there.

A N.D.A. will look a little something like this…

Example Non-Disclosure Agreement | Uni-versal Extras

Why Do I Need to Sign an N.D.A.?

You might find yourself asked to sign an N.D.A. if you:

🏢Start a new job at a new company
💼Begin a work contract with a new client
🤝Own a business and look into investment, mergers, or negotiating a new partnership.

To take part in SA work with Uni-versal Extras, it is likely you will need to sign one at the beginning of each new project.

It might look like a long, scary document full of legal jargon, but it’s really just a way that productions can make sure that behind the scenes magic stays, well, behind the scenes.

It helps promote trust, as well as protects important information.

Seeing B.T.S magic happen first-hand is a privilege that production are trusting you with. That means that anything you see during your time on set is for your eyes only – and an NDA helps put everyone’s mind at ease.

That’s because an N.D.A. is legally-binding.

But there’s really no need to panic – it’s as simple a process as jotting your name down on a sign-in sheet – unless you break the terms, that is…

What Happens if I Break An N.D.A?

The consequences for breaching an N.D.A. are no laughing business.

Here are just a few common consequences…

What Happens If I Break an NDA? | Uni-versal Extras

You should always take N.D.As seriously and make sure that you comply with the terms of the agreement to avoid these kinds of consequences!

What is an 'N.D.A'? | Uni-versal Extras

How Do I Sign an NDA?

This really depends on the form that the N.D.A. comes in – but at Uni-versal Extras, for speed and ease of access, we like to do this digitally.

All N.D.A documents are therefore stored and signed in the UVE Artiste app.

You’ll receive a push notification from our app if you have an NDA waiting for you to sign!

We do this via the app so you that you can scan over them in your own time, then respond and send them back to us in a few easy taps.

N.D.As are serious business, so make sure you read it thoroughly.

If you’re anxious, most will explicitly state things to avoid… things such as: no taking photographs, no uploading to social media, no sharing information about the production’s plot / top secret cast – amongst other specific requests!

But the most important thing to remember about an NDA?

Don’t break it.

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