Activated Vs Un-Activated Profiles – What’s the Difference?

Posted by Indiana - 01 Feb 2023
Activated Vs Un-Activated Artiste Profiles :: Uni-versal Extras

Just getting started with us or thinking about coming on board?

We thought we’d take a little look at the profile options on offer and demystify exactly what it means to have an Activated or an Un-activated Artiste profile with UVE…

What is an ‘Activated Profile’?:

In short, an activated profile is a profile that has passed all 3 checks conducted by our Artiste Support Team.

These checks make sure you have:

📷 Uploaded clear photos that comply with UVE photo standards

📜 Uploaded clear & valid ‘Right to Work’ documentation

💳 Selected / paid the UVE Listing fee from one of the following options:

The main difference between packages?

Those that opt for ‘Pay Later‘ profiles will still be put forward for SA work, but will miss out on all sorts of additional UVE perks that come with early activation!

Regardless of activation status, you will automatically have access to:

✔️The UVE Artiste app to view, manage and update your profile
✔️Our designated Artiste Support team for all of your casting and admin queries
✔️ Our Jobs page to keep an eye on current productions that are casting all over the UK and Ireland

However beyond this, there are some key differences between Activated and Un-activated profiles.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Just remember: the more you can add to your UVE Artiste profile, the more casting searches your profile will pop up in.

That means that 8 extra photos can make all the difference to not just the amount of opportunities that come your way, but also how we are able to present you to productions on the hunt for Artistes!

(You’ll even have space left over to upload images which may be requested specifically by the casting team – i.e. photos of your vehicle, your hands, your pets, back / side selfies, yourself with your partner – that kind of thing!)

If you’d like to speak to us about getting activated, give us a call on 0345 0090 344 and press option 3 for Artiste Support.

Alternatively, hop over to the app store to download the UVE Artiste app and get started now!