Dress to Impress: Specific Clothing for your Profile Pictures

Posted by Rebecca - 11 May 2021
Make your UVE extras profile stand out with pictures in your specific role clothing! It can really pay off to upload images of yours in role-specific clothing. Find out more!

It’s no secret that here at UVE, we cast for many, many different supporting artiste roles. From gym-goers to royal ball attendees, from trawler crews to posh shoppers, we’ve done it all – with the splendiferous assistance from our awesome Supporting Artistes! A key benefit for productions is our Extras ability to provide their own clothing for a role, especially in the new COVID-19 safe world! Today we’re going to highlight the benefit of uploading a variety of pictures to your Uni-versal Extras’ profile that features different role-specific clothing.

Look the Part!

Every activated UVE profile allows up to 10 pictures to be uploaded. Two of these pictures must be a standard head and shoulders shot, and the other should be a full-length photo, which is essential for any successful casting profile.

However, the remainder of the photos are there to allow your profile to stand out from the crowd! Increasingly, many productions request that Extras are able to provide their own costume for a role. For example, if we’re casting for diners at a fancy restaurant, we’ll look for profiles that feature an extra in their fanciest, black tie/LBD. Or, we may be on the lookout for guests around a swimming pool, or at a rave. If you’ve got those outfits on file and you fit the brief, we can go back to productions very quickly, increasing your chances of being booked!

We’re always casting for a wide variety of specific roles and if you think you meet the criteria on one of our many job boards, then show us! Upload a picture of yourself in that outfit and it will really give you the best chance of getting cast.

Sometimes, it pays to be prepared. If you have an outfit for the role that you’ve been cast in, it’s quite common for the production to reimburse you for bringing your own suitable clothing. For example, on a production paying FAA rates, if you bring multiple outfits to the filming day and you are required to change into one of them, you could make an additional £20 per outfit. Likewise, if you need to bring to filming any special clothing, such as cocktail dresses or formal wear, you could earn an additional £20, whereas a particular uniform such as a police uniform could earn you an extra £31.73.

Of course, this does depend on the production, so this payment isn’t a guarantee, but there certainly is no harm in snapping a quick picture of yourself in your own clothing for the role, as this may really appeal to the production. So, it’s time to finally put that uniform or Renaissance Faire outfit that you have in the back of your wardrobe to good use!

While the number of pictures may be limited on your UVE profile, this is by no means a negative. It’s a good reason for our extras to keep their images as up-to-date as possible. New hairstyle? New job? New black-tie outfit? Take a quick picture and replace older photos on your profile. Keeping your profile up-to-date means that your chances of being cast are much higher.

It’s important to remember that all your photos must adhere to our guidelines in order to be put forward for roles. For instance, the photos should include no background distractions (posters, laundry, art, pets, plug sockets etc) and should be taken in front of a plain background.

The quickest way and most convenient way to upload your photos is through the free and exclusive UVE Artiste app! Find out more about our app that is reinventing the casting process here!