Early Bird Or Not To Early Bird

Posted by Paul - 06 Jan 2022
Looking at Early Bird Listing Fees :: Uni-versal Extras


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Download the UVE Artiste App for Apple IOS :: Uni-versal Extras

Download the UVE Artiste App for Apple IOS :: Uni-versal Extras

Still a little unsure on how to approach out registration fees? Let’s recap by taking a look at some of those distinctions in a little more depth, shall we?

🐦 Early Bird

  • Pay £30 upfront for the year and become “activated”. This entitles you to a £30 discount against the typical UVE annual listing fee.
  • Be prioritised for roles by appearing before any un-activated profiles!
  • Add up to 10 photos of yourself to your profile and truly showcase your versatility for roles. This includes specialist shots in costume,
  • Wait for us to submit you for priority castings OR explore jobs boards on the website/UVE Artiste App to register your interest in roles you know you’d be perfect for.

🚫 No Early Bird

  • Register your account for absolutely nothing, but have a £60 deduction from your first work payment of the year.
  • Be considered for roles once all activated profiles have first been looked at.
  • Add just 2 standard profile photos to complete the basic profile registration (a Standard Full Body and a Standard Head & Shoulders)
  • Explore jobs boards on both the UVE website and UVE Artiste App (where you can enable push notifications to make sure you catch each new role as it’s listed!)

We love when our members activate their accounts and get to upload the full 10 pictures. It really helps us put them forward for roles!

That said, you don’t have to – we’re happy to work “on spec” to try and find you work in the Film & TV industry – it’s your choice!

Most important of all: ensure you’ve completed registration so we have all your key details (you wouldn’t believe what we get asked to cast on sometimes).

For further information on registration fees or otherwise, you can peruse the UVE Extras blog today! Want to take a look?