Everything You Need To Know About The New FAA Travel Rates (2022)

Posted by Indiana - 21 Mar 2022

Good news for all of our travelling Artistes: as of March 1, the FAA have released brand new travel rates as part of the union pay scheme!

These rates will apply to any productions that begin shooting as of March 1st, 2022, and will mean that travelling to locations for brand new, exciting roles will become that little bit more accessible. 

Artistes may be pleased to hear that calls within TFL Zones 1-3 will now earn artistes £13.87

Those venturing to major studios (Elstree, Shepperton, Pinewood, Leavesden, Longcross or Twickenham) or a base beyond TFL’s Zone 3 but within a 40 mile radius of Charing Cross, will now be entitled to £19.40

In addition to that, call times for 6:00am or earlier (or 7:00 on a Sunday or Bank Holiday) will now earn you your travel fee PLUS an additional £16.98

£ 13.23   £13.87 

£ 18.51   £19.40 

£ 16.20   £16.98 

You can check out the updated FAA Rates of Pay by looking at the Uni-versal Extras matrix below, downloading a version here to keep a copy for yourself or exploring the Industry Pay Schemes in our Extras Area!

FAA New Travel Rates - Effective as of March 1st, 2022 :: Uni-versal Extras

In addition to updated travel rates, there have been a few new changes that we think you’ll be happy to hear about. So that you can be in the know and approach your artiste journey with confidence, here’s the scoop… 

Updated Cancellation Protocol 

Previously reserved for cancellations post 5:30pm, you are now entitled to your full day’s fee (minus travel) if a call you’re booked on is cancelled after 3pm the day before you’re required to work! 

‘Intimacy Directors’  

To ensure the comfortability of all artistes, intimacy directors are now required to be present for both the rehearsal and shooting of sensitive scenes.


Scans are now included as a ‘Category C’ supplementary fee meaning that of use of scans and photogrammetry is now acknowledged (and compensated!)   

Daily Rest Clauses  

Productions asking artistes to take part in consecutive calls must acknowledge working time regulations. That means that turnaround time in between shoots is now considered part of your overtime agreement and entitles you to ‘compensatory rest’ or supplementary payment.   


Productions are starting to clamp down on their e-chit turnaround. That means that chits should be completed on wrap. This ensures that you have the ability to discuss any quibbles about your payment breakdown sooner! 

If you are booked on a FAA production and have any questions about how these new travel rates might affect you, please don’t hesitate to call the team on 0345 0090 344 to pose us any questions you may have!