Explained: Booking Confirmation via Text

Posted by William - 07 Feb 2018
We recently made changes to our casting process in relation to booking extras and supporting artists. This blog post explains how these changes will affect you and make life simpler.

We are making some changes to simplify our booking process for extras and supporting artists. If you have recently been booked, you may have already been booked via text message instead of receiving a call. Here is some guidance on what you can expect…

Confirming Bookings via Text Message

When extras were booked in the past, they would normally receive a call from our Casting Team. The use of text messages is being slowly introduced to make life quicker and easier – it saves you having to speak to us unnecessarily, which we know can be difficult if members are already on set.

This change will be rolled out over the next few months, so don’t be alarmed if you still receive a phone call in the short term – just be aware that it is coming!

What can you expect? If you are successful in securing a role you will receive a text message informing you of your booking. 

How Booking Texts Will Work

We are not making any changes to Availability Texts and the Casting Team will still contact you via telephone to discuss the role before you are pencilled in. The changes only come once production have made their decision on who they would like to book. 

If you have been successful you will receive a text message to confirm your booking. Your message will include all the information you need to keep track of your booking including your fitting/filming dates and when to expect your call details. All you have to do is reply with your name and reference to confirm – it’s that simple!

Your Text Messages 

This is an example of what you can expect a Booking Text to look like:

PLEASE REPLY WITH THE WORDS “BOOKED, YOUR NAME & REF” TO CONFIRM BOOKING & FITTING. You are BOOKED for EXAMPLE FILM with ref: “FUN” on Monday 30th April. Your costume fitting will be at 09:00am on Friday 27th April. Call details will be sent via text message by 7pm the day before each filming/fitting day. Any issues, call Uni-versal Extras

Need more information about our Casting Process? Click here.

Remember: If you have an issue or have not heard back from a pencilled role, you will still need to call us on 03450090344 or our emergency 24 hour number.