Explained: What to Wear for Your Main Photos

Posted by William - 28 Mar 2018
Your photos are important when it comes to securing work as an extra. This blog post explains the types of clothes you should wear in your main photos.

As we state in our Welcome Pack, your photos are the single most important factor when it comes to securing work as an extra. This guide provides advice on what you should and should not wear in your standard profile photos.

Neutral Non-Restrictive Clothing

The key when taking your standard photos is to wear neutral, plain clothing. As a film and TV extra, you will be working in diverse roles which could range between fictional and non-fictional realities, or span millions of years! As your photos are a key part of the selection process, you don’t want the clothes you are wearing to have an impact on the production’s decision.

As an example, if you wear smart business attire in your standard photos, these images may be less effective in securing you a role playing someone in extreme poverty than if you wore nondescript clothes. This is because smart clothing projects a certain style.

Wearing plain and simple clothing will help to ensure that you are the main focus of your images, not the clothes that you are wearing. Put simply, a plain t-shirt/blouse with trousers/skirt is ideal.

– Plain, neutral clothing
– Non-restrictive clothing such as a t-shirt or blouse, with trousers or a skirt

– Coats or jumpers
– Sunglasses, big jewellery or anything that could restrict your features.
– Bright/vivid colours


Should I wear glasses in my photos?
If you are able to work without them, you should not wear glasses in your main photos. If you would have to wear your glasses to be able to work, i.e. because you would be bumping into things otherwise and you do not wear contact lenses, then you can wear them in your standard photos.

How should I have my hair?
The key is that we can see the length of your hair in your photos, so please do not tie it up. Letting your hair down and pulling it in front of you will allow us to see the length, which is desirable in casting because production teams can then easily see how the hair and make-up department will be able to work with you for the role.

Should I wear full makeup?
Whilst it is fine to wear makeup in your photos, it is not essential and we would recommend keeping it simple so that we have photos of you looking natural. Once you are a fully activated member with us, there is an advanced photo option called ‘Unkempt (Hair & Makeup Not Done)’ – uploading this type of photo will again give our Casting Team greater flexibility when putting you forward for work if you are wearing makeup in your standard photos.

Finally, remember that photos should be taken using a good quality digital camera, NOT a mobile phone or tablet!

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