Extra Work: A Student Perspective

Posted by William - 24 Apr 2018
We asked some of our student extras to tell us about their experiences working in the film and TV industry

Did you know that Uni-versal Extras was started by a student for students? The company was founded to offer students rewarding and well-paid part-time roles that could fit alongside their studies! We asked some of our members about their experiences and why extra work appeals to them.

Why Register as an Extra?

If you are looking to earn money by working in part-time flexible roles and to do something out of the ordinary, then being an extra or supporting artist might be for you.

What Our Students Say…

Jordan at the University of West London said –

“It pays a decent wage and definitely helps cover the rent and bills when you get good jobs and regular work. And you can accept work whenever you’re free so it’s convenient.”

Amelia at Roehampton University said –

Film extra work is “tiring, exciting and interesting, with new things all the time… definitely good for meeting new people.”

Zaynah at the University of Southampton said –

“The job itself is really enjoyable. Getting your hair and makeup done by professionals is nice and the different roles you get to play is exciting. It also has a really sociable side, you meet so many creative people from all sorts of backgrounds and keep in touch as well.”

Our students agree that extra work offers them flexible roles that are much more exciting than traditional student jobs. It offers a social side by introducing people with similar interests. Being in the same place as some of the world’s leading actors and having professional makeup and costume departments transforming you in a variety of ways is normally also fun!

What Were Your Most Enjoyable Moments?

As with every job you are going to have favourite moments, so we asked our students about their career highlights so far.

Ben at Leeds Beckett University said –

“My most enjoyable experience was working for ITV’s Victoria Series 2, lowering a coffin and playing a pallbearer. It was highly rewarding, exciting and I was proud to have such a close scene in the program. I could see myself clearly on television and felt I played it well even though I have little acting experience!”

Ian at the UAL Chelsea College of Arts said –

“My most enjoyable experience was my first. Working on Legend of Tarzan as a warrior saw me stripped to near nothing bar a tiny loincloth. The filming made me realise that I could do it! Every new role and project set a new benchmark to my list of achievements and abilities.”

Do You Have Any Insider Tips?

What Our Students Say…

“Be willing to try new things.”

“Flexibility is a must! You can be up to 12 hours on set, day or night.”

“Commit! Once you are signed in and part of a scene, you must stay until you are released.”

“Be polite and listen to the runners and ADs on set.”

“Always remain professional, you are there to do a job.”

“Enjoy it and make friends.”

To read more tips, visit this blog post.

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