Extras Profile Tips | 5 Times Accuracy Means Everything

Posted by Indiana - 19 May 2022
5 Times An Extra's Accuracy Means Everything :: Uni-versal Extras Blog

Looking for Extras profile tips? You’ve come to the right place.

We know that securing great roles is the name of the game, and we love matchmaking you with perfect parts just as much as you appreciate getting them.

In fact, every single one of our casters works hard to uncover the ideal Artiste for each and every great part that comes our way.  To uncover the ideal Artiste, however, means doing a little digging and research. That’s where you can really help us out…

Here are 5 opportunities for you to improve your visibility to us by being as accurate as possible…

Your Profile

We won’t waste your time by going into this one in much detail, but let’s just say there’s a reason this is number 1 on our list!

By now, we’re sure you’re more than used to us harping on about the importance of keeping your profile up to date.

Long story short, productions need a hyper-accurate picture of you as you are now in order to make sure you’re the right fit for their production. Being loose about your height, shoe size, measurements (or anything else!) might get you through an initial casting search criteria but it’s not going to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes at a costume fitting.

We hate seeing anyone leave set disappointed – and unfortunately, this kind of inaccuracy often gets spotted quickly and sees Extras turned away from paid work because productions just can’t use them. Repeat offenders will eventually be removed from the UVE books entirely – and we never want that!

Jobs Board Applications

Second to the plate is job board applications.

Being hyper-keen and responsive to jobs boards is fantastic, and we love to see it – all we ask is that you read them thoroughly before clicking that ‘Apply’ button.

Every single job board that we put together does it’s very best to be 2 things: accurate and informative.  Have a careful scan of the role requirements one by one first, and when you know you hit the mark, click away.

For example, if a job role specifically calls for drivers only, there’s always good reason for it. We don’t want to put anyone’s safety at risk by asking them to travel to a remote location, potentially at night, when they don’t have a safe way of doing so.

Similarly, if a job board requests ‘16-18 year old females’ and you’re not one, it’s okay to sit this one out. Another more appropriate listing will likely already be in the works.

Extras Profile Tips | Apply for Jobs Boards That are Suited to You! :: Uni-versal Extras


Seasoned Supporting Artistes will know that we’ll send you a survey when we’ve matched you to a role.

Surveys are questionnaires that we put together to find the most appropriate candidates for briefs that we’re working on. Thing is, they’re not very effective when the answers that our Artistes send back to us are incorrect.

Each question has been included to cover a particular request that we’ve had from production. Please take extra care to submit answers 100% honestly – even if you know it means acknowledging you might not be the right fit this time around.


Editing apps might be your best friend for posting on social media, but they’ll be your worst enemy when uploading photos to a casting database because we can’t actually accept them!

That’s because the productions that we work with love individuality and want to see you exactly as you are: natural, unfiltered and untouched.

Keep touch-up tools like Photoshop and Facetune as far away from your profile photos as possible – every freckle, scar, birthmark and ‘blemish’ is perfect as it is and we want to see it.

It may even set you apart from the bunch and be what scores you the part!

Extras Profile Tips | Upload Accurate Photos Avoiding Editing Apps! :: Uni-versal Extras

Availability Checks

Lastly, availability checks.

Whilst it’s tempting to throw us a spontaneous ‘yes’ because you think you’re probably free but are yet to check your diary, our casters will take your response on face value and get to work immediately.

Since our speedy casters begin compiling lists of suitable Artistes as soon as we receive that initial ‘yes’ response from you, when things progress and we eventually reach out to book you, the whole line of communication has broken down. By this point, production has seen, loved and requested you – an Artiste that was never available to begin with. Disappointment all round.

Keep an eye on all 5 of these, and you’ll be on track for securing tonnes of truly great roles on our most recent productions. You’ll have an even better chance if you download our UVE Artiste App and enable push notifications…

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