FAA Union Rates Are On The Up! March 2023 Update

Posted by Indiana - 05 Mar 2023
FAA Rates Are On The Up! | March 2023 Update :: Uni-versal Extras Blog

Good news for all SA’s!

The Film Artiste’s Association – a.k.a the FAA – is again making some updates to the FAA union agreement!

(Psst! For those new to SA work: The Film Artistes Association agreement is a pay scheme often used for Feature Film and Television productions in and around London!)

These brand new rates will apply to any productions that begin shooting as of March 5th, 2023 – and see a little boost to all fees across the board: from day rates, to travel fees and meal allowances.

That means, not only taking part in the film and TV shows you love, but earning even more whilst you do so!

So, what’s new?

You can view the brand the FAA Union Rates coming into play as of March 5th below…

Don’t forget; you’ll always find the most up-to-date union pay rates on our Money & Payments Page. Want to download a copy of the new FAA Union Rates for yourself? No problem – simply click here!

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