Feel Good Rom Coms With Fancy Extras

Posted by Amy - 05 Feb 2019
We take a look at five fancy free and footloose romantic comedy films with fabulous extras and supporting artists of some of our favourite romantic productions over the years.

It’s the most romantic day of the year and whether you love it or hate it, we are all guilty of having a little cry to our favourite Romantic Comedies, especially on Valentine’s day! In this blog, we have picked out our top 5 romantic movies, with scenes full of enchanting supporting artists. What films will you be cosying up to this valentine’s day?

Lover Come Back- 1961

Embarking on their journey as rivals, Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton compete to achieve success with their opposing advertising agencies. Carol soon learns Jerry will go to unethical extents to manipulate his clients and eventually uses his menacing tactics to win carol over romantically.

Have you noticed the elegant dancers in their 1960’s leotards as Jerry attends an evening of entertainment and fine dining?

Dirty Dancing– 1987

It’s summer in 1963, and Frances “Baby” Houseman, a privileged and wealthy daddy’s girl, crosses paths with the holiday camp dance instructor, Johnny Castle. She then unexpectedly falls madly in love with Johnny, much to her father’s dismay.

As we follow this whirlwind of a romance, look out for the tantalising tango dancers as they come together in a group frenzy!   

Pretty Woman– 1990

This story follows Edward Lewis, a successful businessman, as he sets out to LA on a business trip. When Edward picks up an escort, Vivian, he is surprised by her charm and intelligence. Little did Edward know he would fall head over heels in love, and takes Vivian away from the life she once knew.

When watching this, look out for the smart men in tuxes at a black-tie event!

Notting Hill – 1999

Life for bookshop owner, William Thacker, was at a standstill. Until famous actress, Anna Scott enters his shop…as their encounters become more frequent, and their bond grows stronger, can their love overcome the struggles they face due to completely contrasting lifestyles?

Look out for the eager paparazzi and local Londoners among the hustle and bustle of city life!

Bridget Jones Diary- 2001

As a new year’s resolution, Bridget Jones sets out in an attempt to improve every aspect of her life, particularly her love life. Torn between the dashing Mark Darcy and stylish bad boy Daniel Cleaver. This is bound to be a year she won’t forget!

In this hilarious series of events, look out for the street passers-by and party guests amid the drama!

That’s our top 5 favourite romantic films, have we missed any particularly soppy Valentine’s favourites?

From everyone at Universal Extras – Happy Valentine’s Day!