Feeling Good Being Paper Free

Posted by Amy - 13 Mar 2019
Our Chitless App is here! Automatic

Ever thought that your onset experience could be streamlined? We have. With our new ‘chitless’ mobile app available to our Productions we are making signing in and out of filming more efficient. It’s Fast, Eco-Friendly and Easy to use. In this post, we explore how it affects you, the Extras!

Chitless is Here

What is ‘chitless’? I hear you ask. Simply put, our ‘chitless’ app is a new and easy way of getting you signed in and out of your filming day resulting in easily understood paperless salary vouchers that are emailed directly to you.

Want to know more? Let me explain.

What Changes I Can Expect?

– You won’t be asked to sign, cart around or retain a soggy, messy paper chit anymore.

– If there are any special Terms & Conditions for a production, you’re on; you’ll be emailed them in advance and be able to keep a record of them.

– Faster Check-in and check-out on set.

– A digital copy of your daily earning sent directly to your inbox on wrap!

Sign Before You Arrive

If you are familiar with paper chits, you will have seen all that small print on the back, bit tricky to read while signing in early in the morning! Now when our Casting Team call or text you with the good news that you have secured work, they will email you a copy of the Production’s Terms & Conditions if they are different from Universal Extras standard Terms & Conditions.

Simply read through them and sign. You can even sign using your phone, just like you would when you receive a parcel!

Does This Affect My Call Details?

No, you will still receive your Call Details via text message the night before you go on set. Simply reply with your name to confirm receipt, so you and our Casting Team can get a good nights sleep!

What Happens At Filming?

As you normally would, you will be met by someone from Production to sign you in. Instead of laboriously writing your name and details on a blank chit, alongside checking you off a booking form, the AD will now check you in digitally on their tablet. This will trigger a ‘checked in’ email to your registered email address as well.

As your filming continues and should you start to occur supplementary fees, the AD can add these to your chit with just the touch of a button! And the chitless app works offline, so even if you find yourself filming deep underground in a coal mine, your fees will still be added.

And if you hate waiting in the night at the end of the day to be signed out, you know the AD hates it too. With the chitless app’s bulk actions, you can be signed out in batches to avoid that awkward, and cold, waiting around. Let’s get you all home and warm quicker!

Where is my Record?

Paper is great if you are a sketch artist but we want to save as many trees as we can. The wonderful thing about going paper-free is no more worrying about your records becoming wet and soggy, crumpled up at the bottom of your bag or even worse, lost on the shuttle bus home.

On wrap, you will receive an emailed breakdown of exactly how much you have earned that day. Amazing, a clear breakdown directly to your inbox.

Don’t worry if you see something wrong, either ask the AD before you leave or you have 48 hours to query any issues with our accounts team who can either explain or contact the Production on your behalf to sort out any discrepancies.

Remember – Your email address on your profile must be up to date or you will not receive these breakdowns and we don’t want you to miss out on money you are entitled to!

We hope you enjoy going digital as much as we are. If you have any questions, that we have not covered in this post, just comment below and our Artist Support can give you more details.