Have Your Say: Your EXTRAS Profile

Posted by William - 11 Nov 2014
Welcome to the EXTRAS Blog! Have you ever wanted to add something to your EXTRAS profile but can't find the option you need? If so we want to hear from you... read on!

Have you ever wanted to add something to your EXTRAS profile – maybe a skill or wardrobe item you own – but not been able to find the option you need? If so we want to hear from you… read on!

What does your Profile say about you?

As you already know from our Welcome Pack, completing all the advanced sections of your EXTRAS profile is really important as it allows us to find you suitable roles based on your attributes, experience and skills.

How Casters Find You for Film & TV Roles

When we upgraded to the new website earlier this year we moved away from ‘freeform’ options, i.e. those where you are able to type whatever you want. Instead, you now have to select your skills using the dropdown menus.

Whilst this restricts the options that you can select, it also makes it far easier for Casters to find you if you have selected and completed everything correctly.

Profile Tip: be realistic – if you over exaggerate your skills, where you can work, etc., this will only work against you!


What if an Option I want to Select Doesn’t Exist?

This is where we need your help…

How to Make A Suggestion

If you have a suggestion for an option that you feel could improve your profile and help us to find you suitable roles – maybe a specific skill, qualification, clothing item, etc. – please log in and Comment* underneath this Blog Post. Even if you don’t have a suggestion of your own, you can still help by giving someone else’s comment a +1 by clicking the thumbs-up icon if you agree.

If you have already emailed us previously to make a suggestion, thank you – we have already taken your email into consideration. Based on the suggestions made already, we will definitely be adding…

 options for Traditional Musical Instruments from around the world
East Yorkshire as an area (sorry we missed it initially!)
Arnis, Eskrima and Kali in the Martial Arts field
Skydiving, Parachuting and Base Jumping in Adventure Sports
– Occupations such as Models, Fishmongers, Priests
– Specialist Clothing including vintage and gothic options

We don’t promise to add all the suggestions made, but we will raise them with the Casting Team and add them to the profile if we feel that they will help in the future.

Now is the time to raise your hand or forever hold your peace…. Comment under this Blog Post now!

*only Activated EXTRAS who are logged in can comment on Blog Posts