How Are You Finding the UVE Artiste App? [Quick Survey Inside!]

Posted by Indiana - 16 May 2022
UVE Artiste App Feedback :: Uni-versal Extras

It’s important to us that you feel confident, comfortable and happy navigating your entire journey with us, and checking in with you as we update will help us make sure we move only in the directions that benefit you – the Artiste – the most.

As of our most recent update, you can now complete 100% of your Extra registration directly from the UVE Artiste App. That means no more toggling back and forth between the Uni-versal Extras site and the UVE Artiste app – your profile-editing experience is all centrally conducted in-app. Hurrah!

However, as we continue to develop our app and website, we wanted to take the opportunity to check-in with you for a little bit of feedback. We’d love it if you’d help us shape the future of the Uni-versal Extras Artiste journey by giving us your honest opinions and thoughts on how you’re finding using the UVE Artiste App.

We’d like to hear how you’re finding things as we endeavour to speed up the process of searching for new roles near you, registering your interest and applying for said work – even uploading headshots and documents directly from your phone’s camera roll or file manager.

Can you spare us a few minutes?

We’d love it if you would complete a short survey that we’ve put together about the app experience as a whole. If you’re new to Uni-versal Extras and have recently registered using the app, even better!

Please rest assured that all feedback is anonymous – we’ll simply ask you a little bit about general usability, what you think of certain features, ease of use – that kind of thing. To take up as little of your time as possible, we’ve even made sure it’s multiple choice (with a few opportunities for longer answers if you’d like to elaborate a little more) but no pressure.

To take part, you can do so by filling in the UVE app survey below…

[Can’t view the embedded survey? Click here to fill it out on a pop-out window!]