Industry Pay Scheme Changes for Film & TV Extras

Posted by William - 15 Jan 2015
How much do you get paid to work as an extra for film or TV? We explain some of the recent changes to industry pay agreements for extras

Some of the industry pay schemes and agreements for background artists, walk-ons and extras have been updated on our website. This article explains what’s new and what you can expect to get paid working as an extra.

Changes to Pay Schemes & Agreements

Some industry pay schemes have now been updated on our website. This includes rates in the BBC Equity Agreement, ITV Equity Agreement, PACT and TAC agreements, with the majority of them increasing slightly. That’s great news for extras, background artists and walk-ons as it means that the next time you work for a production using one of these schemes, you can expect a little more!

The Money Page on our Website

Uni-versal Extras work with a wide range of different productions where industry pay schemes can vary depending on what and where they are filming. We will always confirm the pay scheme or pay rate being used before you accept any role that we offer to you.

Please check the Money page for the most up-to-date versions of pay schemes and for other relevant information on this topic.