Inspirational Quotes to Start your New Year

Posted by Amy - 07 Jan 2019
Stay positive and inspired during the cold winter months with this list of quotes that we

With the glow of the festive season fading into the winter months, it can be hard to be inspired and positive about the year ahead. In this post our Team have found some inspirational quotes to keep you going until the Film industry awakens from its Christmas hibernation.

It’s All About Passion

We have to agree with Walt Disney on this one, film making is our job but it’s really our passion.

Cameraman-Film-Camera-Videographer-Video-Magic of Film-making-Walt-Disney-600.jpg

The Importance of Artists

At Universal Extras we think this quote is so true of all our supporting artists.

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An Actor’s Life For Me

If you dream of becoming an Actor, live for the here and now, an Extra’s role is just as important to the film as the principle cast. Remember, it can happen to anyone, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Renee Zellweger, Megan Fox and Jackie Chan all started their career as a supporting artist.

We think the Wonderful, Meryl Streep’s words are true even when you are not speaking.

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The Extra Mile

Ok, we know this isn’t about supporting artists but the meaning stays the same when it does. Supporting artists really do complete a production and make it look all the more spectacular.


On Rejection

And lastly, we know it can be awful to receive the ‘Unsuccessful text’, We hate it too, but remember these words from Liam Neeson.

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From everyone at Universal Extras, We wish you a happy, healthy and busy 2019!