Introducing the UVE Artiste App for iOS and Android

Posted by Ella Kipling - 15 Mar 2021
This new feature on the Uni-Versal Extras Mobile App saves you a lot of time and effort

We are delighted to announce that the UVE Artiste App — available free for iOS and Android — is now available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store! The app enables extras to apply for jobs, manage their profile information on-the-go and also supports in-day filming activities. Learn more!

One App To Rule Them All

Here at Uni-versal Extras we have been working hard behind-the-scenes on our first ever mobile application for extras. We are super excited to announce that the UVE Artiste app is now available to download free for both Android and iPhone!



Named in tribute to our great roster of supporting artistes, the app is simple and easy to use and gives you access to your Uni-versal Extras profile and jobs wherever and whenever you need, from the convenience of your smart phone.

As this is the very first version of our shiny new app, we consider this a ‘beta’ release meaning it is tested and ready to use, but we would appreciate all feedback from our artistes and members should you find any issues or have any suggestions. Once you have downloaded and familiarised yourself with the UVE Artiste app we would love to know what you think by submitting this short feedback form

What does the UVE Artiste App do?

In short, the UVE Artiste app does a lot of the things that you can do on our website, with the additional benefit of some key features that our artistes have been requesting for years –

Get notified via push notification when new jobs are added, based on your location preferences
 Update your latest look or Covid-friendly hairstyle, using your phone’s camera or files
 Update your Contact Details and Measurements quickly, on the go
 Track your current pencilled and booked work dates per production
 Choose to sync your production dates automatically with your device calendar
 Upload documents, i.e. if required to prove you have DBS checks, licenses, etc.
 Update your payment details seamlessly and securely


For productions using our digital chit service (often referred to in the industry as “chitless”), other key features include –

 Ability to access call details for your assignments
 Call details now include map coordinates for quick and easy directions with your preferred maps app
 Quickly access your chit details and breakdowns
 Check-in and check-out touch free with our new QR code feature*
 Confirm daily health checks in support of Covid-19 safety protocols*
 Sign documents and keep track of them per production*

*currently in beta and not in use for all productions

Who Can Download the App?

The app is fully supported for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded FREE if you are based in the UK or Ireland via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store –



Anyone who has completed the basic extras registration with Uni-versal Extras via our website, will be able to log into the UVE Artiste App. If you have not yet completed this process, a warning message will be displayed, in which case you will need to login and complete your registration before continuing.

Please note that you do not need to be an activated artiste with Uni-versal Extras to use the app but you must have completed your basic profile registration (past the point of uploading two profile photos). Until you become activated, certain features will also not be available within the App, similarly to our website. For more information about registration, please read our Welcome Pack.


Do I have to pay for the App? No, it is completely free to download for both Android and iOS

How do I log in? You login using the same email address and password that you use for the normal Uni-versal Extras website

We would love for all our artistes to take a moment and download the UVE Artiste App for their mobile device. Given that the app has just been released, we welcome all feedback in relation to your experience! To complete our short feedback form, please click HERE.