Membership Extensions due to Covid-19

Posted by William - 15 Apr 2020
Uni-versal Extras is extending activated non-student memberships by three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can upload proof for their extension.

Finally, some good news! Uni-versal Extras is extending memberships, initially by three months, to make up for the forced curtailing of the film industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See below for more information specific to non-student and student extensions.

Non-Students Get 3 Months Free

We are pleased to announce that all activated non-students have now been given a free 3-month membership extension automatically. This extension was actioned today. For example, if your profile was previously due to end on 31/08/2020, it will now last until 31/11/2020!

You don’t need to do anything – your membership expiry has been updated automatically. To check your new listing expiry, log in to your profile and visit your Profile Edit page (the Listing Expiry is listed in the grey box alongside your status underneath the photo of you).

These changes are to make up for the forced curtailing of the film industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. We will continue to review our services and are committed to making further changes as required.

Expired Non-Students from 1st March Get 3 Months Free

If your non-student profile expired between now and the 1st of March 2020, we will also be extending your membership shortly. You can expect your membership to be updated within the next 7 days – you will be given a three month extension.

New Non-Student Activations & Renewals Get 3 Months Free

We will be extending all new non-student listings and renewals made before 31st May 2020 by 3 months automatically. Yes, that means three months for free!

Please remember that whilst most productions are on hold, pre-production activities are continuing as key staff work from home. Equally, we are also working towards when the country emerges from this crisis in order to return to normal as quickly as possible. As such, now is a good time to register as an extra and ensure that your information and photos are fully up to date.

Student Memberships

We are aware that COVID-19 is greatly impacting the student community, with universities and institutes currently closed. Uni-versal Extras is committed to offering full-time students a FREE listing for their full period of study.

If your study period is affected, all you need to do is upload a letter/email from your university that includes your name and your new anticipated course end date to your My Documents page. We will then automatically update your Course End Date and Listing Expiry for you according to the document you upload.

Please note. If you work for us and do not have suitable proof of your student eligibility covering all of the dates worked, a non-student Listing Fee will be deducted from your payment automatically as per our standard processes. It is therefore always important that you provide proof of your student eligibility.

We will continue to review our services and are committed to making further changes as required. For information about other impacts of COVID-19, please visit this post.