Posted by Ella Kipling - 04 Nov 2020
Uni-versal Extras are changing our SMS system to improve extras casting for film & TV. Learn more about our new casting process.

In the upcoming weeks, Uni-versal Extras will be launching a new SMS platform to support our Extras and clients in more rapidly filling roles. the changes will make availability checks, updates and general contact with our extras easier to read and quicker to reply to.

We are Improving how SMS Works for Casting

The new SMS system will work a bit differently than how we’ve worked in the past, with some functions becoming automated so that our office staff have more time to deal with the important things like casting and put forward our extras to clients across the film & TV industry. You therefore don’t need to worry – we are not being replaced by robots and there is always a real person at the end of the phone should you require further assistance.

However there are a few things you need to be aware of to make sure you reply correctly to our automated messages, so please read on!

How to Reply:

When you are sent a text there will be a clear instruction at the beginning to let you know how to reply –

‘PLEASE REPLY ‘YES’ TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY.’ – In which case you would reply with the the word YES if you were able to confirm your availability.

Phoen Image - Reminder.png

‘PLEASE REPLY ‘BOOKED’ TO CONFIRM.’ – in which case you would reply with the word BOOKED if you were able to confirm.

Phoen Image - BOOKED.png

‘If so, text back with the Ref: LIONS.’ – in which case you would reply with the word LIONS if you were able to confirm.

Phoen Image - Availability.png

The key here is that you read the whole message and follow the instructions without adding additional content that may confuse our automated systems.

If you want to ask any questions you can always give the Uni-versal Extras team a call using our normal office number – 0345 009 0344 and select option 1 in the menu to speak with the casting team.

What happens if I make a mistake/want to change my response?

All you need to do is call into the office and speak to a member of the team who can change your answer or assist you further.

How do I know my reply has been received?

You will receive one of the following automatic replies after sending your response –

‘Thank you, your reply has been received. If this requires a follow-up, we will be in touch shortly. The Uni-versal Extras Team’

‘Thank you for your message. One of our booking agents will review and be in contact if needed. If your reply affects any BOOKED work in the next 24hrs, please call the office urgently on 03450090344 or our 24hr numbers, 07903747452 for out of hours. The Uni-versal Extras Team’

make sure to always read the full message and follow any instructions given.

If your message has not been received:

If you get the following message, it means something has gone wrong with the technology gods and we might not have received your reply.

‘This message has not been received, please call the office to speak with a member or the team on 03450090344 or call the 24hr line on 07903747452. Thank you, The Uni-versal Extras team’

If you receive a message like this, please get in touch with us on the numbers outlines in the message – we really want to hear from you!

You’ll see some new Uni-versal Extras phone numbers:

Alongside our new SMS platform, we will be introducing some new mobile phone numbers. Please be aware that new messages may initially appear under ‘unknown’ in your phone – feel free to add them to your contacts so that they appear from us in the future.

It is the nature of this technology that these numbers are ‘SMS only’ and can’t be called. If you need to reach us, please use the usual Uni-versal Extras contact numbers:

Office – 0345 009 0344

24hr Number – 07903 747 452

*Remember you will want to speak with the Casting Team which is option 1 on the dialpad.*

We’ll always sign our SMS messages ‘From the Uni-versal Extras Team’ and never ask you for any account or security details.