New Year, New You

Posted by Amy - 03 Jan 2019
As we start 2019

As 2018 steps down to let 2019 take over, we are thinking about New Years Resolutions. I know you are thinking ‘Oh no, not another New Year, New You post!’ but let’s face it, it’s always the right time to try to make the year ahead the best it can be. In this post, we outline some simple changes that are easy to do and could help you secure more work in the coming months.

Update Your Profile

Have you had a stylish new hairdo or just a few too many Christmas chocs? We want to know about any changes to your appearance and sizes as this is how our Casting Team will be looking for you. Simply log in and check the details we have are correct, update any that aren’t! Remember, your profile is always available, so if your plan to visit the gym pays off, just click and update at any time of the day or night!

Keeping your profile up to date, really is the simplest way of securing work. If you are having trouble with your measurements see our blog on measurements here and for advice on your photos see our blog on the perfect set up here.

Grab Your Diary

Life as an Extra can sometimes be confusing especially if you have multiple agents and other freelance jobs to schedule. Grab yourself a diary and a pen or check out this helpful Blog on the best calendar apps to help you manage your time better. Unfortunately, as your agent we are unable to manage your time for you but having your ‘Pencils’ and ‘Bookings’ in one place alongside your other commitments, should help you plan your time so you never double book yourself again!

Become a Morning Person

As the old saying goes “the Early Bird catches the worm”, in this line of work its more likely to be “the Early Bird catches the Night Bus” as most TV and Film productions want to start work as early as 6am!

Check out these suggestions some of us in the office are trying for re-tuning your body clock to become an early riser

1) Give yourself a bed time. Going to bed earlier can help you get into the habit of waking up earlier.

2) Don’t snooze. Snoozing in between alarms really can make feel groggier when you finally wake up. Try moving your alarms so you have to get out of bed to switch it off.

3) Do something positive when you get up. Getting in the right mood at the start of the day really can put you in the right mood to tackle the rest of the day, enjoy your breakfast, listen to some uplifting music or just write down 3 things you are grateful for.

4) Exercise. No one’s favourite thing to do when you first get up but a brisk walk or visit to the gym helps your body create endorphins and these chemicals cause a positive feeling in your body and could help wipe away some of those early morning aches and pains.

Have Transport, Will Travel.

This is a simple one, if you rely on public transport make sure you know your first and last trains or buses. With filming starting early and finishing late we always want to make sure you can safely get to and from work without any stress.

If you are a driver with your own car, make sure your vehicle has its service and MOT to keep it in tip top condition and always keep it insured and your road tax up to date. No one wants to break down on the way to filming!

Off Set, Your Phone is Your Friend

Remember, our first point of contact with you is via a text message. Keep your phone charged as roles can go quickly and you don’t want to miss a call from our Casting Team! If you are Booked for a role and you haven’t received a call details text message by 7pm the night before, call us on 0345 0090344 and choose option 1 for the Booking Team.

With that in mind, we wish you luck on any resolutions you have made and together let’s make this a year to remember!