No Filming! No Photography!

Posted by William - 26 Aug 2014
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A reminder about photography and filming on set…

Getting ‘Snap Happy’ On Set is Strictly Prohibited

Unauthorised photography or filming of any kind whilst on set is Strictly Prohibited and doing so would be a breach of the Confidentiality Agreement that you sign with every production. Please note that this includes footage taken using cameras, mobile phones or any other device.

People who do so risk being turned away from set without pay, may face legal action from the production company, and would also be removed from our agency.

We know that the majority of our EXTRAS are very well behaved, which is how you have helped us to maintain an excellent reputation in the industry. Unfortunately there is always a minority who are not so well behaved, so if you do notice someone taking photos or videos on set please do please remind them that they are not allowed!