Our New Pay Slips Make Everything Clearer

Posted by William - 26 Apr 2017
This EXTRAS Blog post discusses improvements to our accounts system including our new remittance slips and notifications for extras and supporting artists.

Following feedback from members, many of you will have already noticed that over the last few months we successfully trialled and introduced new remittance slips. This means that your new pay slips will be more detailed than before, and you will receive an email to notify you when they are available via your profile – hurrah for technology!

Chits Itemised On Your Remittance Slip

In the past when extras worked on multiple days across different productions, it was not always clear which chits were included when a payment was made. As many of our experienced supporting artistes will know, different productions pay at different speeds. We are committed to making payments to our members within 10 days of receipt of payment from a production company, which means that you will not always necessarily be paid in order of the dates that you worked.

Goodbye confusion! Welcome clarity! Remittances now show a breakdown outlining the production, date worked, chit number, gross wage and agency commission applied. This will help you to keep track of exactly what you have been paid for and what is still outstanding.

Our agency deductions are now also broken down so that you can see the agency commission total and whether you have had any Admin Fees or a Listing Fee applied. For further details about our agency deductions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Put simply, with the new remittance slip you’ll be able to clearly see what will arrive into your bank account and when.

Access Your Remittance Slips 24/7

When a new remittance is added to the My Documents page of your profile, you will receive an automated email to notify you. Please note that this will not necessarily be the date that the amount arrives into your designated account (as per your Payment Details). To check when a payment will arrive, please refer to the ‘Pay to Reach Your Account On’ section at the bottom of each remittance.

Once a remittance has been generated, it is then available via your profile 24/7 should you ever require this information or to check your records. What fantastic news!