Explained: New ‘My Documents’ Features

Posted by William - 02 Sep 2014
Welcome to the EXTRAS Blog - your first stop for Film & TV industry news and features. Introducing the new 'My Documents' features for extras!

Have you visited the My Documents page on your EXTRAS profile yet? There are several reasons why you’re going to need to, and this article explains why.

Useful Documents Now Available Via Your Profile

Here at Uni-versal Extras we pride ourselves in the level of support we provide our EXTRAS, both via email and phone. In the past we have had a lot of queries from EXTRAS who have either not received their payslips or need payslips to be reissued… this new feature is going to make it far easier for you to access your important documents.

Your Remittance Slips

From September 2014, Remittance Slips will be uploaded to your profile for you to access – all you need to do is log in, visit your My Documents page and scroll down to the Uni-versal Extras Documents section where you can click the ‘open’ link next to the document you want to open.

You can expect Remittance Slips to be available on your profile within 5 working days of the payment being made into your bank account.

Please note that old Remittance Slips issued before September 2014 cannot be accessed via your profile – only those uploaded from September 2014 onwards will be available. If you did not receive an old Remittance Slip, please email our Accounts Team and they will be happy to help.

All emails sent to payroll@universalextras.co.uk will be responded to within 5 working days.

Your Job Sheets

You may also notice that Job Sheets are available from the Uni-versal Extras Documents section. A Job Sheet is a set of basic information about a job that you have taken part in. These documents are generated automatically for your records but may become outdated should we inform you of any changes to the job.

Uploading Important Documents

Productions occasionally request certain documents for EXTRAS, for example to prove your identity. If we do need a copy of a document we will ask you to upload it via your My Documents page.

Uploading Documents

Visit your My Documents page and go to the Upload New section. Then select the correct document type from the dropdown menu, give your document an appropriate title (i.e. ‘John’s Student Card’) and click the File: ‘Browse’ button to locate and select the file you want to upload. Finally, click ‘Upload’; once complete the document will appear in your My Documents list.

Please note that we only need you to upload documents as requested by Uni-versal Extras, but if you want to get them uploaded in advance you can.

Full-Time Students: Uploading Proof of Student Eligibility

New full-time students or full-time students who are about to start a new course will need to upload Proof of Student Eligibility to their profile. Suitable proof would be a course entry letter showing when you are due to start and the duration of the course, OR, a copy of your student card (so long as it has a clear expiry date).

If you are renewing your student profile (you are still a full-time student, have previously been activated and your profile has expired), you will then need to email enquiry@universalextras.co.uk to inform them about the new course and to indicate that you have uploaded suitable proof as described above. If your Proof of Student Eligibility is suitable the Admin Team will renew your listing for you.