School Out For Summer? Here’s Why Extra Work is Perfect For Students!

Posted by Indiana - 22 Jun 2023
School Out For Summer? Here’s Why Extra Work is Perfect For Students! | Uni-versal Extras

This week, you may have spotted us mentioned on Channel 4 talk show Steph’s Packed Lunch, representing some of the best available summer work in their June Job Clinic!

That’s because it is the absolute perfect time of year for those breaking up for the summer to get stuck into the wonderful world of Extra work!

Here are 6 reasons why…

1. Students Join For Free 🆓

If you’re currently in full-time studies, Extra work with UVE is completely free for anyone over the age of 16 and a half!

All you’ll need to do is upload valid proof of your student eligibility via the Documents section of the UVE Artiste app.

This could include a student card with a valid expiry date OR a headed letter from your university confirming your student status (just make sure it includes course start / end date and length!)

Student Letter Membership | Uni-versal Extras

2. We Get It! 🤝🏽

Balancing work and education is tough.

In fact, we’ve been there.

Uni-versal Extras was started by students, for students …that’s where the ‘Uni’ in our name comes from 😉

If you’re looking for work that understands the chaotic student schedule then pull up a chair!

When working with us, you’ll always be shown a clear list of production dates before you commit to anything. That means you’ll be able to check your availability against course commitments first and then take on only the work that’s convenient.

Your education remains top priority and you can make money in the process.

3. Flexible, Exciting Work

Finding retail work a little repetitive?

Done with missing nights out with your friends because you’re stuck on super-late bar shifts?

Perhaps you’re a teacher that’s looking to get involved in something fun over the summer break?

Imagine each day of work being unimaginably different from the last.

One day, you’re a doctor tending to patients in a hospital, the next you’re aristocracy sipping drinks at a glamourous garden party.

Extras get to live a thousand lives by stepping into the shoes of characters from different walks of life, time periods and fictional universes.

Who knows what you may be up to next?!

4. Indulge Your Creative Side 🎭

Forget escape rooms, this in the ultimate immersive experience.

Extra work is an opportunity to lean into a passion for performance, for media, for art – and to inhabit a character that lets you live amongst it.

Exciting, right?

You’ll meet like-minded, creative people and potentially foster lasting connections and friendships – like many of our Extras already have!

Plus, nothing can beat the feeling of sitting down in front of the latest Netflix or Disney+ production and spotting yourself on screen!

5. Free Food 🍛

There’s nothing quite like a hot meal that you didn’t have to prepare, now, is there?

It’s no secret that student meal-times can often be quite ramen-heavy, so if you’re missing home-cooked meals during term-time, you might be happy to hear that nearly all productions that we partner with provide hearty, complimentary meals for all Extras on set.

So, tuck in!

6. Transferrable Skills / Experience 💼

Finally, experience.

You’ll build incredible memories and simultaneously acquire skills that are a fantastic addition to any CV.

What kind of thing, you ask?

How about: showcasing initiative, willingness to explore unique opportunities, adapting to new environments, working well to deadlines and instruction… the list goes on!

You’ll show any potential employers that you possess qualities beyond academic achievements!

Whether you’re looking for flexibility, exciting experiences, or the chance to meet like-minded individuals, working as an Extra with UVE could be your ticket to a fun-packed summer!

Download the UVE Artiste App, set up your profile, and embark on an exciting journey in the Film & TV industry today?