School’s Out for Summer – Student Profile Expiry

Posted by William - 05 Jul 2018
We explain what full-time students can do to renew their profile with Uni-versal Extras.

It’s that time of year when university term times are coming to an end, which also means that many students will be expiring with Uni-versal Extras. This post explains what you should do next, depending on your situation and next steps!

Full-Time Students Register for Free

As you will likely already know, Uni-versal Extras is a free service for students in full-time education.

To register as a student with us, you need to upload valid proof of your student eligibility via your My Documents page. This could include a student card with a valid expiry date OR a headed letter from your university confirming your student status, course end date, or course start date and length. Please note that we do not accept offer letters as valid proof that you are a full-time student.

If you will no longer be a student after your course expires but you wish to renew, you should log in to your profile to check that everything is up-to-date. You should then call our Activation Team on 0345 0090 344 to pay the listing fee and become a non-student. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to re-register from scratch – please continue with your existing profile and we will transfer you to a non-student when you are activated.

If you are between student courses, it gets a little more complicated…

Are You A Student Between Courses? 

If you are between courses but you already have valid proof for your new course, simply upload the proof via your My Documents page and we will review your listing automatically.

If you are between courses but you do not yet have a valid student ID card or a signed/stamped headed letter confirming your full-time attendance, you have two options –

1. Wait until September or October when you have the correct documentation, and upload it via your My Documents page then. We will update your listing for you automatically after your proof is uploaded.
2. Alternatively, you can call the Activation Team to pay the listing fee to become a non-student with us. The Activation Team receive calls on 0345 0090 344 from Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5pm. Payments can also be made via your profile online if you are expiring or expired.

Please note that if you opt for option 1, you will not be able to apply for jobs until you have uploaded your new student proof and been fully activated.

Other Things To Note

If you work for us during the time that you do not have valid student proof on your profile, the non-student listing fee will be deducted from your earnings as per our Terms and Conditions.