The Structure of a Film Crew [Graphic]

Posted by Indiana - 19 Jan 2023
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Any time that we sit, popcorn in hand, watching an impressive conveyor belt of credits roll, we’re reminded that film production takes a village.

While it may be impossible to deny exactly who is involved as name after name cycles right past our eyes; it’s a little easier to overlook how.

That in mind, we thought that looking at the production process as a whole might prove handy in understanding the magnificent mechanism that is the movie industry.

And mechanism it is.

Functioning like a highly-tuned machine, each department plays a crucial role in ensuring that we have an amazing array of work to view any time we decide to pick up the TV remote.

Whether you’re just starting with us, or you’re a seasoned UVE Artiste, we thought it might be nice to take a look at exactly how your work contributes to the larger picture – as a stand-in, a stunt performer, a background Artiste – really any part of the flow that you’ll spot below.

That’s right – we’ve made a diagram 😉

Here are many (but by no means all) of the positions required to build the feature films we all know and love – and that’s before it even makes it to screen….

Beyond this, we then of course have teams responsible for:

Advertising, marketing, licencing, translating, dubbing, screening and distributing your favourite movie titles – amongst lots of other important roles.

…We weren’t kidding when we said ‘it takes a village‘!

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