The Universal Extras Phone Book

Posted by Amy - 09 Apr 2019
Your phone rings

Your phone rings but you don’t recognise the number, what do you do? Do you answer or do you ignore it and risk missing out on whatever is waiting on the other line?

Well, with our handy phone book you no longer have to suffer Uni-versal Extras FOMO, so let’s take a look at who could be calling you.

The Uni-versal Extras Phone Book

When you have called Uni-versal Extras in the past, we may have occasionally been unable to pass you through to a specific team or department, which was due to the layout of our head offices at Pinewood Film Studios. Thanks to our new phone system, this will no longer be a problem – our agents can direct your call to other departments easily if you require assistance from a specific team.

Main Line 

Hello Artist Support, Activations and Accounts! 

Main office.jpg

Reasons you may get a call from this number:

Maybe you have paid an activation fee, asked us to look into something or something could be holding up a payment you are owed.

Office Hours for these departments are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Booking Teams

Our Casting Team is divided into three Booking Teams, each of these teams is responsible for a number of our productions. When you receive an availability text it will be signed off by the relevant team. Let’s meet them.

Team Echo.jpg

Team Magic.jpg

Team Sugar.jpg

Our Casting Team’s Office Hours are 10am to 7pm Monday to Thursday and  10am to 6pm on Fridays.

Emergencies Only 

We, at Uni-versal Extras, have an emergency contact number to be used outside of working hours. This means calls after 7pm until 10am.

This number is only to be used if you call if urgent and will affect your ability to film in the next 24 hours.


Unfortunately, our Out of Office Team will not be able to assist with References from missed calls or voicemails.

Your Numbers

Now you have our numbers, make sure you have saved them in your phone so you never miss an opportunity again. Log in to your profile and make sure we have yours!

All calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.