New App Update to Auto Terms & Conditions

Posted by Paul - 23 Nov 2021
This new feature on the Uni-Versal Extras Mobile App saves you a lot of time and effort

We’ve been busy making new app updates! This new(ish) feature on the UVE Artistes App saves you a lot of time and effort, and is increasingly the only way you can accept the Production Level Terms & Conditions.

This possibly sounds a bit harsh! “You must…”, but the reality is that our Productions now insist on more Production specific documentation (Terms & Conditions, Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines, NDA’s, etc..) – and we now have technology to make it easier for you, and us, to manage it all! 

Extras no longer have to login to 3rd party systems nor have to print out, sign, scan/photograph and send back your acceptance of the Production Terms & Conditions to ensure you can work on set as a Supporting Artiste. Now all these documents are in the palm of your hand – and stored in your profile.  Equally, we can see the status of each productions signed (or not!) Terms & Conditions, ensuring you can get on set – and we can pay you!  With the UVE Artistes App you can manage, review, sign and store all Production Documentation quickly and securely. This is good for you, not least because you can do it from anywhere so long as you have the Uni-versal Extras Mobile App and a data connection, either on Wi-Fi or mobile signal. You save time and can react to work offers more quickly.

All this automation means instead of chasing admin, our hard working Casting team can chase more roles for you and your colleagues instead!

Most, really 99% of them, productions now insist on pre-signed e-signatures on all production documentation before you can arrive on set – so we say “You must” because this gives you the best chance at securing work; so you must now have the UVE Artiste App running on your smartphone.

So if you have not done so already, please download the UVE Artistes App today –  it’s a good thing.

Obviously the UVE Artistes App works best for you if you have the notification settings turned ‘on’ – we can also send relevant and tailored notifications about booked roles, notify you of new opportunities and ensure your details are up to date. 

Watch this space for more updates and new features coming to the UVE Artistes App soon!  

Download the exclusive UVE Artiste app on the App Store or Google Play today.