What to Expect on Set after Freedom Day

Posted by Rebecca - 19 Jul 2021
As of 19th July

After a strange 16 months, today is the day where the majority of COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in England and some are relaxed in Scotland, with the other home nations soon to follow. While there’s certainly a mixed bag of emotions regarding the easing of social distancing guidelines, the good news is that the film and TV industries continue to move forward. So, we thought now would be a great time to discuss how Uni-versal Extras will continue to support you throughout this next stage of the pandemic.

Keeping our Supporting Artists Safe on Set

As of today, COVID-19 restrictions are being eased more than ever before in England. Scotland has begun to relax their restrictions a little further, and the other home nations are set to follow suit over the upcoming weeks. Whilst the news has been met with a mixture of joy and caution, the film industry continues to make sets as safe as possible for cast and crew. So, whether you’re feeling relieved about the easing of precautions, or if you’re slightly anxious and nervous about the changes, UVE is here to put your mind at ease. To read more about the ongoing Covid restrictions lifting around the UK, visit the UK Government website for the latest information.

Many productions were affected during the peak of the pandemic last year. Filming came to a halt in many instances, which in turn had an impact on release dates around the world. Thankfully the industry was able to bounce back by introducing precautions to ensure safety on set, including casting extras who are local to the filming location. If you’ve been on set over the last few months, you’ll be well aware that the majority of productions now require frequent Covid testing before and throughout filming, and many also require face coverings to be worn on set when filming is not taking place.

Whilst the safety guidelines moving forward will differ for each production, we know that the safety of cast and crew will remain a priority for all to avoid any further Covid outbreaks that may affect filming schedules. If you are feeling unsure regarding COVID-19 restrictions on set, you can of course contact UVE directly and we can find out more regarding the situation for you. So, if you are feeling uneasy about the nation’s lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, there’s no reason to let it affect your casting opportunities! To receive the latest updates regarding filming regulations, be sure to visit the British Film Commission website.

Uni-versal Extras would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful Extras and Supporting Artists for their dedication over the last year and a half. It’s been a difficult time, but the film industry is finally back in full swing and we can’t wait to see things get even busier than they already are. We’re very much looking towards the future and excited to work on even more amazing productions.

Don’t let Casting Opportunities Pass You by!

Would you like to be considered for upcoming TV and feature film productions? We’re currently casting extras and supporting artists for many exciting productions in multiple locations. In order to be considered, make sure that your profile is as up-to-date as possible with current photos and measurements. It’s so important that your profile is updated on a regular basis. If your information is outdated, it could cause issues when it comes to casting you for roles. To find out more on how to update your profile effectively, check out our previous blog post.

And don’t forget to check out our Jobs Board for all the latest roles in your area. Our Jobs Boards hosts a wide range of roles and is updated weekly. Check it out here, and if you find a supporting artist role that you are suitable for, you can simply apply!

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