What Is a ‘Survey’?

Posted by Indiana - 21 Jul 2022
What Is a Survey? :: Uni-versal Extras

When working with UVE in the exciting world of TV and Film, you will be presented with something called a ‘Survey’.

Seasoned Extras will no doubt already be very familiar with the Survey, but for those new to Extradom, we thought we’d take a little look at some of our most frequently asked questions on the subject…

As you can imagine, when a production is casting Artistes to appear on screen, they have to have a very specific vision in mind. It’s our job to bring that vision to life.

To do this, we use surveys.

What is a Survey?

Surveys help our casting team quickly align production’s needs with candidates on the UVE database that fit the bill perfectly.

Surveys come in the form of short questionnaires.

You can think of Surveys like a funnel or flowchart which helps quickly identify the most suitable Artistes for a role based on the criteria that a production has given us.

Our casters broadcast Surveys to suitable candidates on the database ahead of upcoming production dates, and the Artistes that give the answers in-line with a production’s specifications are made known to the team.

Each survey is specifically written for one particular role, and contains questions designed to find Artistes that line up nicely with something specific that production has asked for.

You may receive questions like:

  • Do you have any visible tattoos or piercings?
  • Do you still look the same as your photo in relation to hair length, style & colour?
  • Do you have means of transport to X location?

Every single survey you receive from us will be unique – that’s why it’s so important to read each question carefully and review your answers before submitting them.

Unfortunately, there is no hidden formula to answering all the questions ‘correctly’ as this will vary from survey to survey – we simply ask that you are honest and trust that, in doing so, the right roles will always reveal themselves to you 😊

Sadly, if you’re not required after being asked to take a survey, we’re unable to offer individual feedback on why this was.

We will, however, hold onto all survey responses just in case the role criteria changes and your answers indicate that you may now be suitable. If this is the case, never fear. We’ll be back in touch with you to let you know!

When Will I Receive a Survey? 

You will receive a survey link ahead of upcoming filming dates if a member of our team has flagged you as a good fit for a role in question. This could because of your job location preferences, your height, your shoe-size, your skillset – you name it.

Remember that fully-activated members will receive these casting calls as priority!

This survey link will arrive in the form of an SMS text message, and look a little like this…


What Will I Need To Do With a Survey? 

Simply click the link within the message and you’ll be directed to the survey itself.

To complete a survey, please note that you will require a mobile phone with internet access – so make sure you’re within reach of Wi-fi of have your mobile data switched on!

You’ll spot that the entire survey is now on one page. Have a little read of the questions to see if you’re interested in the role, and if so, fill it out.

Remember that every survey we send out is optional. That means, if you’re ever unavailable or feel uncomfortable with anything that presents itself about the role in the questionnaire, you can choose to opt out by simply leaving it unanswered.

If you choose to not complete the survey, you will no longer be considered for the role.

What Happens If I Fill Out my Survey Wrong? 

Don’t panic; it happens.

Sadly, though, once you’ve clicked that submit button, you’ll no longer be able to go back and amend answers yourself via the same link. To make changes, you’ll need to quickly give us a call and select option 1 for the Casting Team during office hours. We’ll then be able to amend your answers on our end!

Why Has the Survey Page Changed?  

Remember that speed is the name of the game, and roles do get snapped up very quickly. Once the role that the survey is regarding has closed, you will no longer be able to complete the survey.

If you click on the link to a survey for a role that has closed, we are no longer accepting applications for the role and you will see this message:

Important: If you are pencilled for the role, this does not mean that you have been released – it simply means that the role has now closed and you should continue to wait for your results.

What Happens After I Submit a Survey? 

Once the survey has been completed, your results will come through via email within minutes (be sure to check your spam / junk folders just in case we’ve somehow ended up in there!).  

You will receive one of 3 possible responses: 

BOOKEDThis means that you are required for filming based on your answers alone, and must attend the agreed non-performance and filming dates. If you are booked, you will receive your call details by 7pm the day before you are due on set. 
PENCILLEDYou will be required to keep the agreed dates available whilst we wait to hear confirmation from the production. The email will also contain the date in which you can expect to receive your results. 
NOT MET THE CRITERIA:You will not be required for the role based on the answers that you have provided this time around – that means you will not be required to keep the dates available. If you feel you have answered a question incorrectly, please do give us a call as soon as possible and we can look at fixing this up for you!

If, off the back of your survey, you are BOOKED or PENCILLED, you’ll spot that your email now also contains a reference word associated with the role.

Note it down! If ever you need to call the office regarding the role, you’ll need this reference word to hand in order to be put through to the right team.

Still have questions about surveys? Remember you can always direct queries to our wonderful Artiste Support on 0345 009 344.

Please note that the survey results email is from a no-reply email address and, sadly, if you reply to this email, we won’t see it. If you need us, you can always reach us at info@universalextras.co.uk.