Why (and How) to Get a DBS Check!

Posted by Indiana - 23 Feb 2023
Why and How To Get a DBS Check :: Uni-versal Extras Blog

What is a DBS Check?

DBS checks, DBS certification, DBS certificates – whatever you like to call them, as an SA, we’re sure you’ve heard of them by now!

So, let’s get straight to it.

DBS stands for ‘Disclosure and Barring Service’ – it is service that lots of employers choose to make use of to ensure safety in the workplace.

(You may be more familiar with the term ‘CRB check’ – which was how this check was previously referred to before merging with the ISA and forming a new service known as the DBS)

In short: a DBS check is a certificate which verifies a clean bill of criminal history and/or discloses any charges that may be against your name.

Checks are conducted by the UK government, and there are currently 4 types which include varying level of detail:

This will reveal any unspent convictions and all are eligible to apply.
A more thorough background check often required for roles in industries such as finance and law. This will reveal unspent convictions as well as any cautions, reprimands and warnings.
This will reveal the same information as a Standard check in addition to any information held by local authorities. It is commonly required for those that work closely and unsupervised with children and/or vulnerable adults.
Enhanced with Barred List
As above, this will reveal the same information as an Enhanced, as well as being checked against one (or both) Barred Lists.
Read about DBS types in more depth here

Uni-versal Extras accepts all 4 types of DBS certification listed above, but a Basic Certificate works just fine!

Once received, your certificate will look a little something like this…

DBS checks do not technically expire, however it is generally expected that they be updated every 18 months or so to maintain their validity.

Why Do I Need a DBS Check?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need a DBS check to participate in SA work.

Having said this, many productions (particularly the larger film companies and TV networks) require Artistes to have this kind of security clearance to even step foot onto set.

This ensures the safety of all those working on the production, and is a requirement for sets where any children are present.

Because of this, those with a valid DBS certificate will be able to participate in many more UVE opportunities than those without.

When we are casting for productions where DBSs are essential, we must search and filter the database accordingly. That means without one, sadly, your profile won’t appear in our search – even if you otherwise fit the casting brief perfectly.

How Do I Get a DBS Check?

Great question.

Getting hold of a DBS Certificate is much easier than many people think.

You can apply online via the Gov website and a Basic DBS check will only require a few things:

Your address (or previous addresses for the last 5 years)
Your National Insurance number
A document to verify your identify (such as Passport, Driving Licence, Biometric Residence Permit or Birth/Adoption Certificate)
1 method of payment (such as debit card, credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay)

Simply follow along with the online application, make payment of £18 and your certificate will arrive in up to 14 days.

Already got one? Request a reprint of an existing certificate here

Uploading Your DBS to Your Profile

Once you have got your DBS certificate, you will need to upload a copy to your UVE profile.

(We are unable to accept proof in the form of a consent code, due to UVE being classified as an agency and not strictly an ’employer’).

Here is how to successfully add your new document to your profile

1. Open the UVE Artiste App on your smartphone or tablet and head to Profile > Documents. Under the ‘Other Documents’ subheading, hit Upload New Document.

2. Click Basic, Standard or Enhanced Disclosure Certificate from the menu, and select to Pick document. This will prompt your device to choose where you wish to upload your certificate from.

3. Upload from your smartphone or tablet’s file library/camera roll or use your device’s camera to take a clear photo of your certificate, making sure all 4 corners are visible. You can then rotate, scale and edit the photo until you’re happy!

4. Write your full name + DBS in the Document Title field, and add the certificate’s issue date (you’ll find it on the top right of your document), then hit Upload.

And that’s that! You are now a fully DBS-checked Artiste, and will appear immediately in all casting searches when screening for roles requiring a DBS.

Let the opportunities commence!

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