You Asked, We Did! Here’s What’s New in the UVE Artiste App!

Posted by Indiana - 07 Feb 2022
We've been hard at work putting your feedback to good use. Here's how we've improved the UVE Artiste App recently...

When we first set out to build the UVE Artiste app, our mission was to create something that would make your life easier – that’s exactly why, when it comes to feedback, yours is gold dust. 

Since rolling out the UVE app in March of 2021, we’ve been making it our mission to get your thoughts (and sometimes actively chasing you for them). If you’ve completed our survey then you’ll already know all about that, I’m sure. 

With the majority of you reporting that you’re using our app primarily for ‘searching and applying for jobs‘ - a whopping 75.2% to be exact  – we thought it was important that we focus all of our energies there first and foremost. 

That’s right; we’ve been working very closely with our developers to refine and improve our app experience based on very specific feedback you’ve returned to us.  

In the spirit of teamwork and working alongside each other as we develop, we thought we’d offer you a little rundown on just what we’ve been up to since… 


Changes to the UVE Artiste App :: Uni-versal Extras



‘Id really like to receive a notification when new jobs come in that are relevant to me!’ 


WE ADDED:   Tailored Push Notifications  


We understand that life gets pretty busy and you’ve often got lots more on your plate than standing around and refreshing the job’s board over and over– that’s why we thought we’d come to you.

When a brand-new job goes live that we’ve identified is in your demographic, you’re the first to know about it in the form of a swift pop-up (if your push notifications are enabled, that is.) Now there’s need no to miss a thing.  




I travel up and down the UK frequently. I’d like to know when work arises in the areas I visit often as well as just where I live.”  


WE ADDED: Job Location Preferences 


Fantastic point! We acknowledge that your location isn’t static and you’re not always going to be within the 4 four walls you’ve listed as your ‘home’ address – the busy life of anybody in the arts often requires travel. That’s exactly why we’ve added ‘Job Location Preferences’.  

You can now add up to 4 areas to your profile so we know exactly where you’re interested in work opportunities!

Just remember: it’s important that you keep your Job Location Preferences up-to-date as you’ll only receive push notifications about jobs in the areas that you select. Don’t fret, though, you can change this at any time via the ‘Contact Information’ section of your profile.



‘I don’t identify as male or female.’


WE ADDED: A Non-Binary Option at Sign Up

We want to celebrate you, that’s why we’ve wiped the binary format so there is no need to incorrectly identify when you’re filling in your profile to come and join us. Simply select the non-binary option at sign-up and you’ll be able to apply to jobs free of any prior gender restrictions. 



…But we’re not finished just yet.  

We are constantly reviewing and making edits to improve not just the UVE Artiste app functionality, but its speed, because every second counts.  

Every day we’re listening, adapting and improving – and that is because of you. Your insights truly are what is at the helm here, and it’s because of that, we’re hoping you continue to come along for the ride. 

If you’re yet to have your two cents on the UVE Artiste App, click here to fill in our survey and help us shape tomorrow’s updates. 

Ask and you shall receive!