6 Inspiring Watches For International Women’s Day!

Posted by Indiana - 08 Mar 2024
6 Inspiring Watches For International Women's Day! Uni-versal Extras Blog

Happy International Women’s Day from all here at Uni-versal Extras!

…And how else would we be celebrating than through the magical medium of Film & TV? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, however, we’re specifically looking at 6 inspiring productions that UVE were delighted to take part in – all of which celebrate the female experience, historical trailblazers and the 21st century woman in whatever form she darn-well decides to take!

No matter the streaming platform, we’ve got your International Women’s Day watching covered, so without further ado…

Click any production title to see exactly how UVE took part! #GirlPower โœŒ๏ธ

๐Ÿ’ The Buccaneers

Damsels no more!

Amidst 19th-century society – where corsets are tight and rules even tighter – allow us to introduce you to a team of feisty femmes who shatter expectations.

This series offers a fresh breath of air into historical drama, and celebrates female friendships, sisterhood, and rebelling against the norms of ‘polite society’!

Speaking of which…

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๐Ÿฅ‹ Polite Society

Despite her traditional South Asian background, Ria doesn’t dream of marriage – she wants to be a stunt woman.

This film is a real ode to strength – and not just because she’s a fierce martial artist.

Polite Society serves as a terrific reminder that every woman deserves the freedom to chart her own course – whether that’s down the aisle, up the corporate ladder, or at the top of a martial arts tournament table!

Watch now onNowTV / SkyGo

๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Funny Woman

Why is Funny Woman perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day?

Because it’s not just entertainment; it’s empowerment served with a side of sequins.

Funny Woman is one woman’s fight to be taken seriously on the 1960’s stand-up comedy circuit. We know – no easy feat.

In this series, Gemma Arterton proves that being a funny woman isn’t just about making people laugh; it’s about owning your voice and standing tall. She doesn’t just ask for a seat at the table; she demands it.

Watch now onSky Max

๐ŸŠ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ The Swimmers

A tale of two sisters that embarked upon an epic swim across the Mediterranean sea.

Even more impressive when you discover that it’s based on two very real women: Yusra and Sara Mardini.

These two defied odds, faced treacherous waters, and fled a war-torn Damascus to seek asylum in Greece.

Not only that, but they put their remarkable skill and strength to use by going on to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio!

Watch now onNetflix

๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ Black Widow

We could not complete this list without a nod to the formidable Avenger, Natasha Romanoff.

Particularly as Black Widow’s adversary, Dreykov (played by Ray Winstone), reveals himself to be an abuser who believes women to be possessions rather than people.

Not today, Dreykov.

If you’re looking to feel empowered today, perhaps you’d like to watch Dreykov come up against kick-ass superhero Black Widow.

Watch now onDisney+

โšก The Power

Set in a world where young women develop the ability to generate electricity.

Unusual, yes, but allow us to explain…

The show explores what might happen to society if this massive shift in power dynamic were to take hold.

For example…

When series lead, Roxy, begins to embrace her newfound power, she soon finds herself grappling with some hefty ethical dilemmas and struggles with the new responsibility that comes with it.

The Power serves as a pretty poignant reminder of the ongoing fight for gender equality and the importance of amplifying women’s voices. Sounds like a perfect International Women’s Day watch to us!

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