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Posted by Indiana - 17 Aug 2023
Profile Photo Backgrounds - Uni-versal Extras

When it comes to profile photo backgrounds, simplicity is the name of the game.

Whilst a flattering beach-side selfie might be a tempting upload, what we’re really looking for is a clean backdrop that focuses solely on the number one star of the show… you.

We want you front and centre, ready to steal the attention (and hearts!) of any casting productions – that’s why every photo that you upload goes through a series of thorough checks.

Pssst! Check out exactly what we’re looking for during photo checks here!

In the interest of hitting the mark with uploads every time, today we’re looking at our most commonly-seen profile photo backgrounds and if they cut the mustard with our moderation team!

Let’s go!

✅ Plain Wall / Neutral Backdrop


A perfect example of a ‘Head & Shoulders’ photo: a clear photograph taken against a blank, neutral-coloured background.

This may very well be a plain wall in your house, or set against a photographer’s backdrop if you’ve had professional headshots taken. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a neutral backdrop like this!

✅ Brick Wall


Plain brick walls make for another perfect backdrop if you’re hoping to sail through moderation checks.

If you’re unable to find a suitably plain wall at home, stepping outside and making use of exposed brickwork is A-Okay with us.

Just be sure to be mindful to pick one free of visible damage or graffiti.

✅ Neutral Stone, Concrete, or Plaster


Concrete, Stone or Plaster are also great alternatives if you can’t locate a plain interior wall.

Stick to something of a neutral colour – it doesn’t have to be white – just be sure to keep it as plain as possible.

❌ Busy Wallpaper


If you’re uploading profile photos against busy wallpaper of any kind, we sadly won’t be able to accept it – regardless of how great you look.

Prints like this distract from your look big time, and mean that you stand out for all the wrong reasons in casting lookbooks.

Step away from the bold wallpaper!

❌ Distracting Background


Common culprits for ruining an otherwise perfect profile photo include visible skirting boards, light switches, doorframes, furniture and reflective surfaces such as mirrors and TV screens.

Sadly, if any of these creep into shot then your upload immediately becomes a no-go.

Try to avoid any possible distractions by choosing an area that is both well-lit and entirely plain – just like examples 1-3!

As always, if you’re in any doubt about a photograph you’d like to upload – or you’d even just like a little guidance – our Artiste Support team are always on hand to help! In the meantime, why not check out our guide on perfect profile photos here?

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