Ghosts of a Different Kind: Unconventional Watches This Halloween

Posted by Indiana - 19 Oct 2023
Ghosts of a Different Kind - Alternative Horror Watches This Halloween | Uni-versal Extras

Tired of the usual spooky offerings?

Forget werewolves, vampires and jump-scares…

Sometimes it’s actually far more scary to turn away from the conventional horror genre to find a bone-chilling watch this time of year.

Today, we’re deviating from your typical Halloween watch and, instead, diving into some undercover spooks from recent months that highlight ghosts of a different kind.

Whether you’re craving a dash of fantasy or a sprinkle of mystery, here are 5 recent UVE favourites to celebrate Halloween in a whole new way…

Black Mirror

FOR: The Psychological Fiction / Dystopian Fan

Available on: Netflix

Kicking things off, we have episode #1 of Black Mirror – Season 6: ‘Joan is Awful‘.

Without giving away too many spoilers: this particular episode looks at what might unfold if we were forced to confront the very worst versions of ourselves in our very own biographical drama.

Joan is Awful gives us the creeps by diving into the themes of free will, privacy, the future of content, and our ever-increasing reliance on our phones.

You’ll find no ghosts or ghouls here – but, if you’re into psychological / dystopian horror, you’ll find Joan is Awful terrifying in a whole new way.

Loki – Season 2

FOR: The Marvel Stan

Available on: Disney+

How about the God of mischief unravelling the multiverse?

Loki – Season 2 teeters on the edge of horror although, not in your classic ‘haunted house’ kind of way – more in a ‘fear of infinite, unknown possibilities’ kind of way.

After all, what could be scarier than questioning your own reality and confronting endless alternate timelines?

It’s like stepping into an eerie hall of mirrors, except they’re not reflections you can see – they’re alternate versions of yourself!

The Long Shadow

FOR: The True Crime Buffs

Available on: ITVx

ITV’s The Long Shadow isn’t your typical horror, but it’s bone-chilling nonetheless.

Set in Yorkshire, this true-crime series delves into the dark depths of the Yorkshire Ripper’s reign of terror and serves as a chilling reminder that the most frightening monsters are all too human; sometimes even living amongst you and I.

Brace yourself for a frightening journey through the shadows of true crime.

Nandor Fodor & The Talking Mongoose

FOR: The Fantasy Fanatic

Available on: Prime Video


We said no werewolves; no one said anything about mongooses.

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose tells the tale of a para-psychologist called to investigate claims of a mysterious talking mongoose. Creepy, right?

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose has classic murder mystery energy, all the while weaving a spooky tapestry of both the absurd and the paranormal.

If you’re a fan of mystery, fantasy, comedy, or indeed Simon Pegg, you can’t go wrong with this one!

The Killing Kind

FOR: The Hopeless Romantic

Available on Paramount+

Finally, The Killing Kind.

This Paramount series follows barrister, Ingrid, as she clears defendant, John, of stalking charges – only for John to then turn on her.

We’re talking infatuation, twisted romance, and dark truths hidden beneath the surface. While it’s not your typical Halloween watch, it’s a brilliantly gripping watch for those who enjoy suspense, and will leave you double-checking you locked your back door!

That’s all for now! Happy watching, and happy Halloween, from the UVE Team 👻💚

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