How to Build an Impressive Profile – Part Two | Personal Details

Posted by Indiana - 08 Sep 2022
How to Build an Impressive Profile | Part Two - Personal Details

After completing the Contact Details section of your UVE profile, you’ll now be moving on to section two: Personal Details.

This is where we can really begin building an accurate vision of you. In fact, it contains the main search criteria that our casters use to find you parts moving forwards.

Impressive profiles make the most of the personal details section by showcasing everything from measurements to skillsets.

It’s important to remember that you can come back and change any of your Personal Detail information at any time – so no need to panic if you have a haircut!

Let’s dive in…

Personal Details ๐Ÿง

Filling in your Personal Details section carefully and accurately is perhaps the most effective thing you can do to ensure we find you for all appropriate roles and productions that may pop up.

UVE Artiste App - Profile View :: Uni-versal Extras

… and impressive profiles are detailed above all else.

That means that they make use of every available field and are positively brimming with information that helps you appear in as many searches as possible.

To make sure we highlight every possible thing that makes you a fantastic asset as an Extra, Personal Details is broken down into 7 sub-categories:

  • Your measurements
  • Some details on your appearance
  • Some additional details on your attributes
  • Info on your skills & training
  • Info on relevant sports skills
  • Info about modes of transport & pets
  • Useful costume items you may have in your wardrobe

To make sure you get as much out of your profile as possible, let’s delve into each one of these in some more detail…

๐Ÿ“ Measurements

This first section is imperative – and we suggest you’ve got your tape measure handy to complete it.

Listing accurate measurements on your profile is essential, not only because measurements help us match you to roles by a production’s desired body type and build, but because they also are passed onto a production’s costume department (and – no surprises here – your costume has to fit).

Here you will be asked for different measurements depending on gender identification.

Please note that Non-Binary Artistes will be asked at sign-up to select the measurement style that they feel is most appropriate for their body shape. This alludes only to the type of measurements that the Artiste is comfortable giving and would like to factor into the castings that we are able to put them forward for – not their gender itself. 

You will be asked for:

Inner Leg
Shoe Size
Hat Size
Glove Size
Dress Size
Bra Size
Bra Cup Size
Natural Waist
Shoe Size
Hat Size
Glove Size

If you’d like some help making sure you’re getting accurate measurements, you can find a thorough breakdown of each one on our blog Understanding Measurements.

Measurements are recorded in centimetres (cm) or inches (in), so grab that tape measure and get to filling in each blank field that you see in this section. The help of a friend or family member often helps here!

Once completed, you’ll be able to navigate back to this section and make changes whenever you like.

๐Ÿ’„ Appearance

Here is where you will be asked to let us know exactly what you look like.

Whilst we will be able to see what you look like from your profile pictures, to make sure you appear in all the relevant database searches, it’s important to input each field as best you can.

You will be asked to select 1 answer only for the following fields:

BuildAthletic, Large, Medium, Muscular, Petit or Slim
Eye ColourBlack, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey or Hazel
Hair ColourAuburn, Black, Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown, Ginger, Grey, Greying, Light Brown, Other (Dyed), Red, Strawberry Blonde or White
Hair LengthAfro (style), Bob, Bald, Balding, Balding on Top, Cropped, Long, Shaggy, Shaven, Short, Short back and sides, Shoulder Length or Tight Curls (Style)
Hair StyleAfro, Afro-Straightened, Conservative, Cornrows, Crew Cut, Curly, Dreadlocks, Emo, Extensions, Fringe, Frizzy, High Top, Highlights, Indie, Long Straight, Lowlights, Messy, Mohawk, Mullet, Other, Perm, Pixie, Punk, Quiff, Rock, Side Parting, Tight Curls, Undercut, Wavy or Weave

We appreciate that there can be some overlap with things such as hair styles and colours, so simply select the responses that you feel best represent you – as you are now – as best that you can. (You can come back to amend these answers at any time, too.)

For the final few fields under this heading, you will be able to select as many as are applicable:

FieldWhat’s Required
AppearanceThis is where you will signify any distinguishing features such as birth marks, scarring, braces, false teeth, glasses, etc. You can leave this field blank if no listed options apply.
DisabilitiesHere you are able to use the search function/scroll to disclose any disabilities you may have – or simply select ‘None’.
Number of TattoosThis one is fairly self-explanatory; simply let us know how many tattoos you currently have.
Location of TattoosIf you have selected 1 or more tattoos, this box will appear. Please select the area(s) where this artwork appears on the body.
Number of PiercingsThis one is quite self-explanatory, too; let us know how many piercings you currently have.
Location of PiercingsIf you have selected 1 or more piercings, this box will appear. Please select the area(s) of the body that you have pierced.

Finally, you will be asked about Playing Age.

‘Playing age’ is a term used to describe the age range that you could realistically pass for on-screen – as oftentimes this will vary from your real age.

Select the age window that you feel best represents the way that you look, bearing in mind that this may be older or younger than you actually are!

๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ Attributes

This section is where you’ll tell us a little bit more about who you are.

Here is your chance to disclose the personal details which might not strictly relate to your physical appearance, but are equally important for casting purposes.

This includes things such as regional accents, spoken languages, any licences you might hold – things that productions are always very interested in.

Make sure to fill out every field you possibly can here as the more information we have to work with, the more likely it is you will appear in our searches!

Attributes | Personal Detail :: Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App

You may notice that there is also a check box that Artistes can use to signal to our casting team that they are currently pregnant. You can use this to make sure you are included in casting calls looking for individuals that are expecting!

Similarly, this section is where you are able to notify us if you are comfortable being considered for roles involving varying levels of nudity.

๐Ÿคน Skills & Training

We’d now love to hear all about your past experience, so time to talk about where your skill and training lies.

This includes both professional experience (i.e. your occupation), as well as any recreational experience you may have acquired over the years (singing/dancing, first aid, waitressing, playing a musical instrument, etc.).

Remember that the more your profile contains, the more likely it is that you’ll pop up in our searches so have a look through the various drop downs to see which talents could help significantly bolster the strength of your profile!

Skills & Training | Personal Detail :: Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App

โšฝ Sports Skills

More specifically – we’d now love to hear all about your sporting prowess.

This section covers everything from football and rugby training, to your ability to play darts, poker and chess.

Click the grey + symbol to select a sport/martial art and then tell us your ability level. You can add as many as you need here, so don’t be shy. Get clicking.

Sports Skills | How To Build An Impressive Profile :: Uni-versal Extras
Sports Skills | How To Build An Impressive Profile :: Uni-versal Extras

๐Ÿšƒ Transport & Pets

The wonderful world of film and TV can sometimes call for all sorts of things – in fact, we often find ourselves searching for dog-walkers, mini-van drivers, horse-riders — even ferret handlers and Artistes with farmyard animals from time-to-time!

As such, we may occasionally put out casting calls looking for Artistes with their own vehicles, or pets, that can accompany them to set. The Transport & Pets section is your opportunity to disclose just that.

Simply click the menus to add any relevant modes of transport (cars, bikes, boats, caravans, etc.) or animals that you currently own.

Click the + icon to reveal a dropdown asking for more detail on any listed cars and bikes, like so…

Transport & Pets | Personal Detail :: Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App
Transport & Pets Input | Personal Detail :: Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App

Then, use the Pets dropdown to select as many animals as applicable.

Just like the previous profile sections, selections will appear checked by a small green tick โœ”๏ธ just like this…

Transport & Pets | Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App

๐Ÿ‘— Wardrobe

Finally, wardrobe.

Here we ask that you let us know exactly which items you currently own that could double-up as a useful costume item. Smart shoes, Ballet leotard, Doctor’s uniform – we want to hear about it all.

Use the drop downs to check each and every item that you own – the sky’s the limit here, so select as many as you need.

We do ask that you only select items that you own yourself – don’t check items that you could get access to if borrowed.

Your wardrobe section should be an accurate representation of exactly that. Your wardrobe.

Wardrobe | Personal Detail :: Uni-versal Extras UVE Artiste App

Once that’s all filled out, hit the green ‘SAVE button to confirm your selections, and congratulations! Your personal details are now complete.

Next stop, photos! ๐Ÿ“ธ

If you have any questions about this section of your profile, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Artiste Support team for help. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for part 3 of the โ€˜Impressive Profileโ€™ series where we delve in the Photos section of your profile!

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