Job Boards: What Happens When I Apply?

Posted by Indiana - 27 Mar 2023

Becoming an Activated Artiste with Uni-versal Extras means gaining exclusive access to unlimited roles on our Jobs Board.

In case you’re just getting started with us – or are even just looking for a little refresher – we thought we’d take a look at some of the most frequently-asked questions about our Jobs Board.

So, let’s start at the very beginning…

What is the Jobs Board?

Our Jobs Board is a casting tool that you will find on both our website, and the UVE Artiste app.

Its job is to help pair suitable Artistes with exciting, upcoming roles.

You can think of it a bit like an Artiste community board: a place that you can go to quickly scan for nearby opportunities.

Each post contains some basic details about a production that is currently casting, and includes a detailed breakdown of what they’re specifically on the lookout for.

There are 2 types of Jobs board that you may encounter:

‘Soon to Be’
This type of JB is to notify Artistes about jobs which we will shortly be casting for. They will likely not contain exact dates or filming location(s), but function more as a ‘heads up’ about future work.

You cannot directly apply for these Jobs Boards, however they are an opportunity to update your profile and will often request that you upload something specific – such as a DBS certificate or additional photograph – so that you are more visible in our casting search when the time comes!
Current RoleThese are active roles that we are casting as we speak.

Suitable Artistes are encouraged to click the green button at the bottom to ‘Apply’ – but only if they are sure to meet all listed requirements!

Each Jobs Board for a ‘Current Role’ contains unique information about one particular role and its requirements – as well as where and when filming is due to take place.

Before opening the post itself, you can take a quick glance at certain information from the preview:

Brand new roles are added to the Jobs Board every day, so be sure to check it regularly. We want as many opportunities as possible to come your way!

How Does It Work?

Applying for a Jobs Board lets us know that a particular role you’ve come across is of interest to you.

You can register this interest by hitting the green Apply button at the bottom*.

(*If the apply button is greyed out, this means that you either don’t meet the basic criteria required this time around, your profile is not yet activated, or the role is filming in an area that you’ve not told us you’re available for work in!)

You will need to meet all the requirements listed in the specific Jobs Board to go forward for consideration, so make sure to read them carefully.

You will also be able to turn on notifications that make sure you hear about brand new roles in your area. These areas are selected in your profile’s Job Location Preferences.

What are Job Location Preferences?

Each Jobs Board post is tagged to a particular filming area in the UK or Ireland.

You will only be able to apply for roles attributed to the locations that you have set as a preference on your profile. We call the locations that you select your ‘Job Location Preferences’.

To make sure that you you never miss an update on roles close-by, it’s very important that you set your locations within the UVE Artiste app; where you are permitted to choose up to 4.

You can set these by opening the UVE Artiste app, clicking: Profile > Contact Details > and scrolling down to Job Location Preferences

UVE Artiste App - Job Location Preferences :: Uni-versal Extras

With push notifications turned on, these locations will also enable us to send you a handy pop-up every time that new work nearby is listed!

What Happens After I Click ‘Apply’?

Great question.

Your profile will be added to a shortlist of candidates that have flagged they are suitable and available for the role in question – which helps our Casting Team narrow their search.

Just remember that when you apply for jobs, you should only do so if you are currently available on the the dates that are explicitly listed. 

Don’t worry, though. You won’t be expected to hold the dates after applying via our Job Board alone – this is because you are not yet strictly pencilled or booked.

(Anyone that will be expected to hold specific dates will be spoken to directly beforehand. This gives us the opportunity to outline the full details and properly check your availability, travel, etc.)

For now, simply hold tight and our casting team will be in touch if you are suitable!

Will I Hear Back?

As the TV and movie industries move at lightning speed, we are currently are only able to reach out to jobs board applicants that have been successful.

This is to say that, if you do not hear from us regarding a JB application, it might not have been the right fit for you this time around.

Applying for jobs boards is a great way to get more visibility, but it sadly can’t guarantee a booking for everybody – if you don’t hear from us, it’s possible that this role has now been filled, or the details on your profile did not line up exactly with what was required on this occasion.

We’re not always allowed to list the full role details on the Jobs Board, so even if it appears that you met all of the criteria, there may be additional requirements that you are not aware of which mean you are not suitable right now. It’s absolutely nothing personal!

We completely understand that this can sometimes feel frustrating – but please do rest assured that we are working hard to find you roles around the clock, and that brand new opportunities are right around the corner!

Some of the Dates Have Already Passed, Why Is That?

If you’ve worked in the industry before, you will also be aware that things often change at quite late notice.

Because of this, Job Board roles remain listed until the final filming date has passed. This means that – even if some of the dates have already been filmed – you can still put yourself forward.

This may sound odd – but do let us explain…

When you apply for a role where some of the dates have already passed, your details are added to a backup list which our Casting Team will use if the production requires additional people at late notice (and trust us – you’d be surprised how often this happens!)

When applying for a role, take no notice of the past dates and operate if only the future dates are present. Are you still available?

How Can I Make the Most of the Jobs Board?

Another brilliant question.

Here are some of Uni-versal Extras’ top tips for maximizing the use of the Jobs board:

📍 Set Up Job Location Preferences | Remember; you can set up to 4 locations that you would be willing to travel to for Extra work. If you’re able to travel about for work, making use of all 4 will quadruple the amount of roles you can apply for, as well as the amount of notifications you’ll receive from us!

👀 Read Each Post Carefully | Do we require that you email us photographs or videos of you performing a particular skill? Have we asked that you upload something specific to your profile – such as an additional photo or your DBS certificate? The specs that we receive from production are often very detailed and specific – we certainly wouldn’t waste your time by listing something that wasn’t important.

🔛 Turn on Push Notifications | Make sure you’re allowing us to give you a heads-up on roles suited to you by making sure you’ve enabled pop-ups both within the UVE Artiste App and in your smart device’s settings!

💨 Respond Quickly | Speed is the name of the game, as productions move very quickly. If you’ve spotted a role you’d be great for, hit that bit green ‘Apply’ button right away to let us know you’re interested!

Have more questions about the Job Board? Our Artiste Support team are here to answer any queries that you may have – so give us a call on 0345 0090 344 and hit option 2 to speak to one of the team now!

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