Jobs Board FAQs!

Posted by Rebecca - 29 Jul 2021
Our Jobs Board allows Extras and Supporting Artists to apply for roles that they feel they are suitable for. Updated weekly

If you’ve been registered with Uni-versal Extras for a while, you will know all about our Jobs Board. But just in case you haven’t had a chance to explore all that the Jobs Board has to offer, we thought now would be a great opportunity to tell you a little bit more about it and answer some more popular FAQs.

The Jobs Board Explained!

Our Jobs Board is an additional platform that hosts a variety of roles that our Extras are welcome to apply for if they are suitable for the role and meet all of the requirements. All UVE Supporting Artists with an Activated profile have exclusive access to our Jobs Board. The Jobs Board was made to speed the casting process along and it’s a tool that we truly value. So, to help make navigating the Jobs Board even easier, we thought we would revisit our Jobs Board FAQs to help answer any queries that you may have.

Will I hear back regarding my application?

Currently, we are only able to respond to successful applicants who applied for a role on the Jobs Board. However, we do aim to contact Artists directly when new roles come in that we feel they meet the criteria for. We are unable to provide feedback for each Job Board application, therefore if you do not hear from us, assume that you are not successful.

I met the role criteria but I haven’t heard back regarding the role? 

If you feel that you meet the criteria of a role but have not heard back regarding the job, it would likely mean that the role has been filled. As for who decides who is chosen for the role, that is down to the production. We submit suitable Extras to productions and from there the production decides which Extra(s) they would like to book for the role. We have no say in who that production chooses for a role.

We also keep roles on the Jobs Board until the last filming date has passed, even if the role has been filled. This is because we work in such a fast-paced industry in which we may need to quickly find a replacement for a role, therefore we allow people to apply for roles even after they have been filled.

If you have not heard back from a role, we would recommend to keep checking the Jobs Board for other suitable roles. We do try to keep a wide range of roles on our Jobs Boards. Sometimes we do post more specific roles based on location, special skills and any other requirements productions may need. However, we do aim to post a variety of roles, including broader roles that may suit a wider range of people.

Do I have to keep the dates available when I apply for a job?

You will need to be available for the dates when you apply for a role, however, you do not need to keep these dates free. If you do hear back from us and become pencilled or booked for the role, then you would need to keep those dates available. However, if you applied for a role on the Jobs Board and have yet to receive a response, you are under no obligation to keep the dates free for the role.

If you are pencilled or booked for any role with Uni-versal Extras, regardless if it was from the Jobs Board or not, you will be required to keep all of the dates associated with the role available. You can find out more about our casting process in our previous blog post.

Can I filter the Jobs Board?

You are able to filter the Jobs Board via location, meaning that you can see all of the Jobs Boards in your area.

Can I Receive Jobs Board Notifications?

Yes, you can receive Jobs Board notifications straight to your smartphone by downloading the UVE Artiste app. Our free app is exclusive to our members and allows you to enable push notifications for the latest Jobs Board postings so you never miss out on finding out about the latest roles. Find out more about the other benefits of the UVE Artiste app here.

You can filter the notifications to your location, meaning you will only receive notifications of Jobs Boards from your chosen area(s). Currently, we’re working on further filters for these notifications so that you will receive notifications on roles that you are more likely to be suitable for.

Do I need to meet all of the requirements to apply for a role?

In order to apply for a role, you will need to meet all of the criteria which has been outlined in the Jobs Board posting. It’s important that you only apply for roles that you are suitable for otherwise, it could cause issues when it comes to casting.

Why am I unable to apply for certain jobs?

As well as standard Jobs Boards in which Extras can apply, we also publish ‘Soon to be Casting’ jobs. These are essentially advertisements promoting upcoming roles. You will not be able to apply for these roles. Instead, ‘Soon to be Castings’ are there to encourage Extras to update their profile in preparation for roles that we’ll be casting for in the near future. It may be that we’re looking to cast people in a certain location, or we’re looking for Extras with a specific skill set. Whatever it may be, ‘Soon to be Castings’ are worth keeping an eye out for!

If you are unable to apply for a Jobs Board and it isn’t a ‘Soon to be Casting’, it may be that a member of our Casting Team has already deemed you as suitable and has shortlisted you for the role. In that case, please wait for an availability check from our Casting Team.

For the latest roles, be sure to visit our Jobs Board regularly. To receive the latest postings straight to your phone, simply download the exclusive UVE Artiste app