Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe!

Posted by Indiana - 12 Apr 2023
Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal Extras

One of the perks of becoming an Activated Artistes with UVE is the ability to upload 8 more images to your profile!

To make the best possible use of this additional storage space, you may wish to showcase a few different wardrobe options, uniforms or costumes.

Uploading Photos to the UVE Artiste App - Uni-versal Extras

Why Upload Photos In Different Wardrobe?

Additional photos give you a fantastic opportunity to showcase your versatility as an Artiste.

The more versatile your profile appears, the more casting briefs your profile will be appropriate for and the better your chance of being selected for work!

So why does it help?

We’re often asked to cast Artistes that own specific uniforms, costumes or have worked previously in certain styles or periods. If you already own said uniform or costume and have signalled this to us on your profile, you’ll pop up anytime a search for this type of role is conducted!

There is also the subject of suitability, in that showcasing yourself in a production-ready ensemble will help production visually place you into the world that they’re building on-screen.

Perhaps you are professional chef, an avid football fan, or have impressive selection of party dresses – popping photos like these onto your profile helps us show you off to casting productions in an outfit that says ‘I’m ready to go’.

For example… 

Common Wardrobe RequestsShows You’ll Blend Perfectly Into…
(such as suits, smart trousers, jackets, ties, pencil skirts, blouses, blazers, cardigans, etc.)
Any scene requiring commuters, office workers, jurors, business folk, lawyers, guests at a convention, court hearings – and so on!
(such as floor-length gowns, tuxes, smart suits, dress shoes, cravats, bowties, etc.)
A scene taking place at a wedding, ball, gala, film premiere, state dinner…
(such as cocktail dresses, sequined jumpsuits, high heels, brightly-coloured blazers, etc.)
A scene taking place at a hen/stag do, birthday party, nightclub, bar, gig, wedding reception, festival…
🩲Swimwear / Underwear
(such as swimsuits, board shorts, wetsuits, bikinis, lingerie, etc.)
A scene requiring swimmers, beach-goers, sunbathers, surfers, shoppers in a changing room, visitors at a spa, models…
👮Police Uniforms
(any standard issue Police uniform)
Really any scene where law enforcement may be present, such as a break-in, an arrest, a courtroom, a heist, a prison, a police station – the list is endless!

You get the idea! Just remember…

Advanced photos must still fit our basic photo criteria as per your standard images.

This means that they must be high-quality photos, either in a Head & Shoulders or Full Body (head to toe) format.

Just like your main profile photos, your features should always be clear and visible – and this includes your hair.

If your ensemble includes a hat – such as, perhaps, a police uniform or motorcycle leathers with a helmet – you should simply hold the hat or headpiece in shot rather than wear it.

Here’s a quick refresher on the photo basics:

Photos taken against a busy background (with visible light switches, door frames, etc.)✔️ Photos taken on a plain background
Photos taken on set✔️ Photos taken at home
‘Action’ / Candid shots✔️ Clear, front-facing photos only
Photos in costumes that you don’t own or have borrowed✔️ Photos in costumes that you do personally own

For more info on uploading perfect photos every time, you can review our Photo Advice blog here!

What Type of Costumes / Uniforms Are You Looking For?

On the UVE Artiste App, you will be able to select many different wardrobe options for upload.

It’s very important to note that you should only upload photographs of yourself wearing uniform / costume that you own yourself.

So let’s get down to the specifics, shall we?

Photo TypeMore Info
Cabin Crew / Air Hostess Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasAir Steward / Stewardess UniformA complete Air Steward or Cabin Crew uniform.
Bondage / Fetish ClothingItems typical of fetish fashion, such as bondagewear, PVC, corsets, leather items, harnesses, chokers, etc.
Business Suits & Office Wear | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasBusiness Suit / Office ClothingA smart ensemble, typically appropriate for the workplace such as: smart shirts, suits, skirts, blouses, blazers, tailored trousers, etc.
Chef Whites | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasChef WhitesUniform associated with being a professional Chef, Caterer, Baker or Culinary/Food service professional.
Clown Costume | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasClown OutfitIf you work, or have worked professionally as a clown or own a clown costume.
Dinner Party Tux, Ball / Cocktail DressItems appropriate for a black tie dress code, such as: tuxedos, ballgowns or cocktail dresses.
Doctor Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasDoctors UniformThis may include medical and/or surgical attire, white coats, tunics/gowns, etc.
Drag Artist Attire | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasDrag Artist AttireIf you work, or have worked, as a drag performer.
Cultural Attire & Religious Clothing | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasCultural Attire & Religious ClothingAll forms of traditional cultural attire from around the world, i.e. Indian dresses, kilts, etc. Additionally, if you own religious clothing.
GlamourIf you work as a professional glamour model (where the subject is portrayed in erotic poses, ranging from fully-clothed to partially nude).
Martial Arts UniformAny traditional martial arts uniforms – such as a Gi or a Dobok – which may be used for disciplines such as Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc.
Military UniformUniforms associated with the military forces – combat uniform, service uniform, dress uniform or otherwise.
Simply select the correct military branch to match your uploaded uniform!
Motorbike Leathers | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasMotorbike LeathersFor Artistes that own motorbike leathers.
Be sure to keep your face and hair visible, and instead hold your helmet in shot but by your side.
Nurse UniformNurse uniforms – such as scrubs (any colour), tunics, etc.
Emergency Services Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasEmergency Service / Paramedic / Postal UniformFor those that own their own paramedic, postal and/or emergency service uniform.
Pilot Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasPilot UniformFor those that own, a professional-looking pilot uniform. This may include a long or short-sleeved shirt with epaulettes, a pilot’s jacket, tie, cap, and/or other aviation attire.
Police Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasPolice UniformUniforms associated with law-enforcement personnel.
This would include items with police insignia, shirts with epaulettes, high-visibility vests, bullet-proof vests, riot uniforms and accessories, as well as specialised uniforms for particular police departments (such as Metropolitan Police, Tactical Operations, SOCO, etc.)
Security Uniform | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasSecurity UniformsThis may include Bouncers, Border Control Agents, etc. This uniform could include a white shirt, black sweater, dark jacket, identification tag, security t-shirt, etc.
Sports KitSports kit of any kind – from jogging and gym wear to specific sports kits and uniforms.
This may include football kits, cycling apparel, referee uniforms, etc.
Swimwear / UnderwearIf you would be comfortable accepting roles which require you to wear swimwear or underwear, you may choose to upload an image of yourself in a swimsuit, bikini, board shorts, speedo or basic underwear set.
Wedding Attire | Let’s Talk Costumes, Uniforms & Wardrobe! | Uni-versal ExtrasTop Hat & Tails / Wedding DressTraditional wedding attire, such as top hat and tails for men, or wedding dresses for women.
Unkempt (Hair & Makeup Not Done)We are often asked for photos of Artistes without their hair and makeup done, so here is an opportunity to showcase yourself at your most natural.

You will see that there is also the option to upload a photo under the heading ‘Requested By Casting Team’

This will become useful if we contact you directly regarding a casting, or you are responding to a request in one of our Job Boards – as sometimes these require you to upload a specific photo to your profile (such as an image of yourself with your family, your car, your pet, your spouse – etc.)

You should use this photo type to upload temporary photos in response to a certain role, and only if we/our jobs board directly asks you to.

Remember to select the correct photo type when uploading – this is how we search and filter for new roles that require particular wardrobe items!

What Happens After I Upload a New Photo?

All photos are sent across to our Artiste Support Team for review before they can appear on your profile.

This is simply to make sure that they meet the required quality or content criteria – but don’t worry; you will always receive an email if a photo you have submitted can’t be accepted.

This email will detail exactly why your upload did not meet the requirements so you can be sure to upload a perfect snap next time around.

Remember: you can upload or delete photos as often as you want – in fact, we recommend it. Updating your images frequently makes sure we are always seeing the most accurate representation of you!

Happy uploading!

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