Don’t Pay Until You’ve Booked A Job: Listing Fees Explained!

Posted by Indiana - 19 Sep 2023

New to us or thinking about coming onboard? 💚

You are?

Well then pull up a chair, because today we thought we’d take a little look at listing fees.

Transparency aboard the good ship UVE is very important to us, so we wanted to make extra sure that everyone who joins #teamgreen feels confident and comfortable with how it all works!

How does that sound?

Let’s get into it then, shall we?

What actually is a ‘Listing Fee’?

When we say ‘listing fee’, we simply mean the admin cost for us to host your details on our UVE database.

This, plus access to the full range of UVE benefits, of course. But we’ll get to those.

How/when you choose to pay this listing fee, however, is entirely up to you.

There are 4 possible options, and they look a little like this…

UVE Membership Fee :: Uni-versal Extras

To get right down to the nitty gritty of each of these 4 listing options, why don’t we dive into each one in some more depth…

1. Students


Way back when we began, we were built by students, for students.

As such, we still like to look out for our fellow undergrads & college students.

That’s why students can gain FULL access to UVE membership without ever paying listing fees.

To let us know you’re eligible for free student membership, all you’ll need to do is upload one of the following to your profile’s Documents section:

Valid Student Identification | Uni-versal Extras Valid Student IDThis must be issued by your institution and can’t be an NUS/ISIS card.

Student cards must clearly state both your name and either an expiry or graduation date!
Student Letter Membership | Uni-versal ExtrasAn Eligibility LetterA headed letter from your university or college admin team.

This letter must confirm your full-time student status, state your course title, expected graduation date & be officially signed or stamped by the organisation!

(If you’re a student & you’d like to hear more about joining UVE, download our Student Welcome Pack now!)

2. Earlybird


If you’re not a student, never fear. We’ve still got a great offer up our sleeves for you.

Earlybirds can list with UVE for one year for just £25 (that’s a hefty reduction to the usual price of £60).

This is a one-off price that will pop up just once during your initial registration! Like so:

Our Earlybird listing fee ensures access to all UVE benefits including: 8 additional profile photos, the ability to submit yourself for any castings that catch your eye on our Jobs Board AND being placed in a priority casting queue when new roles come our way.

To take advantage of the Earlybird discount, simply tap to select a 1, 2 or 3 year listing during registration and hit Next!

3. Upfront


Still a little on the fence?

You might then find that our Upfront option works best for you.

Paying ‘Upfront’ simply means paying after you first sign-up, but before your first worked day on set.

You can sign up, create a basic profile with 2 photos, and go live in our casting database and not pay anything until you’re ready to accept work.

Whenever you’re ready to activate, you can give us a call or click Membership from inside the UVE Artiste App to be privy to 50% off the full membership cost: that means just £30 for one full year.

Our Upfront listing remains available right up until the day of first paid job with UVE. If you choose to not pay the listing fee before then, you will automatically default to option number 4…

(Do bear in mind that, until you’ve activated your membership by paying your listing fee, you won’t have access to things like jobs board roles, additional photo uploads or our priority casting queue.)

4. Pay Later

Pay Later

Opting to ‘Pay Later’ means paying absolutely nothing until your very first UVE payslip comes your way.

That means signing up and waiting until you physically work on set before parting with a dime.

Then, when that first payslip rolls your way, membership comes straight out of there instead!

Hit Skip when presented with payment options during registration, and simply begin building your profile 🙂

This route can work best for many of our Artistes – just bare in mind that you’ll sadly forfeit all of those lovely perks that come with early activation.

First and foremost, early payment discount.

Paying later will mean parting with the full fee of £60 – as well as losing access to additional photo uploads AND our daily-updated jobs board.

…at least until you’re all squared up, that is!

With Pay Later, you’ll still get put forward for exciting, new roles – but you won’t be able submit yourself to apply via our Job board which drastically improves your chances of getting onto set!

⚠️ If you don’t select + pay another membership option before arriving to your first day of filming, your membership will default to this listing option.

…It’s important to remember this so you’re not taken by surprise by the £60 deduction from your first payslip!


The final thing to consider when coming on board is commission.

In addition to your listing fee, a standard agency commission of 18% will be deducted from anything that you earn here at UVE.

…although don’t panic: we’re glad to say that we have one of the lowest commission rates across all of our competitors!

Remember – if you’ve skipped paying an upfront or earlybird membership, this commission will be in addition to your £60 membership fee.

(We don’t want you getting any nasty surprises; we told you that transparency is important to us!)

Long story short, however you choose to join us, we’d be delighted to have you.

🤔 Still have questions?

You can reach out to our Artiste Support team on at any time – or check out a breakdown of all 4 listing options on our Money & Payments page!

Alternatively, why not head back to the Uni-versal Extras blog for even more content?