Good Intentions

Posted by Amy - 09 Dec 2019
It's that time again

This year we have been inspired by an article in the Huffington Post to ditch the New Year’s resolution and try a New Year’s Intention, instead. We are going to scrap the Spanish lessons and early morning runs, and we will crown 2020 as our ‘Year of Bookings’ 

Good Intentions

Every year we try to better ourselves by learning or doing something new, but how many of us have actually stuck to the strict resolutions we impose on ourselves every year? Not many of us. Rules and set lists can be scary and our goals seem unachievable. Let’s be kinder to ourselves and take more manageable steps towards a great year.

Setting Out Your Intentions 

1 – Choose your Intention

Firstly choose something that supports your greater goals, hope and dreams. Then make this your theme. For us, we want to see less ‘Unsuccessful Texts’, so we will make 2020 our ‘Year of Bookings’ 

2 – Declare It

There’s no point in keeping it to ourselves, so we are telling you, our wonderful Supporting Artists and Production Staff that we want to work with you more! It’s important to us that our SAs spend more time on set and our Productions benefit from the best looks possible. 

3 – Make 3 Simple Steps

Three steps, that’s all. Choose 3 things you can do over the course of the year that can lead you towards your greater goal. We have decided we will be doing the following this coming year. 

Step 1 – Our Artist Support Team will be on hand to assist with your questions via the phone and email. We will also be creating more blogs packed with hints and tips on how to make your profile pop and help get you noticed. 

Step 2 – Our Product Team will be making more improvements to our Chitless AD App and Website, making them more user-friendly. You may even have already noticed our new logo and colour scheme creeping its way across our social media pages and email communications.

Step 3 – Our Casting Team will be working hard to secure more exciting productions across the country in an effort you match more local SAs with local productions! We do enjoy matchmaking! Keep an eye on your phone for our availability surveys, texts and calls from our Teams (Remember to save our numbers, so you don’t miss us. Roles go quickly and we don’t want you to miss out. A full list of our numbers can be found here)

What Can You Do?

You are probably thinking ‘but how can I help make this the best year possible?’. And the answer is simple. Keep your profile up to date. When something changes let us know! Whether it’s your measurements or an unavoidable issue that will affect you filming we want to know.  

Will you be setting yourself a New Year’s Intention? Read the article that inspired us here: Huffington Post. Happy New Year from all of us at Uni-versal Extras and let’s make this a year to remember!