My Weekly Magazine: Interview with a Film Extra

Posted by William - 23 Jun 2017
Film and TV supporting artiste Mangala Harris has been interviewed by My Weekly magazine. Read more about her experiences working in the film and TV industry with Uni-versal Extras.

Popular magazine My Weekly interviewed Mangala Harris about what it’s like to be a supporting artiste and a member of Uni-versal Extras. We’ve included some of our favourite bits in the article below!

Diamond Tiaras & Thermal Vests

It’s an unusual job that takes you to 1950s royal lodgings on one day and the fantasy world of Harry Potter on another via the 60s tenements of the East End but then, time travel is all part of the working week for Mangala Harris.

For the past 10 years she has worked as a supporting artiste on films such as Testament of Youth, Bridget Jones and Mission Impossible and TV favourites such as Mr Selfridge and The Halcyon.

“Supporting artistes are seen as having a more responsible and supporting role for the principals than ‘extras’, it involves more than just filling the background,” says Mangala.


“At the moment I am having a real phase of roles requiring furs, diamonds and tiaras and the most amazing costumes. I wore some incredible outfits while working on The Crown, a production for which I worked in the most amazing venues, including palaces and historic buildings.”

“I really enjoy seeing how the director works with the actors and how everyone works together in unison. It is always extremely polite on set. It is never frantic, just calm and respectful. It is a very rarified atmosphere with every single person working to the same end and at an equally high level of expertise. Everyone is at the top of their game.”


“It is a marvellous job and I do sometimes have to pinch myself, especially when I find myself standing next to artists such as Meryl Streep, as I did on Florence Foster Jenkins or someone like Tom Cruise!”

Visit the My Weekly website for more information about the magazine. This article was featured in the most recent issue, which will be on sale until Monday 26th June 2017. We would like to thank Mangala Harris for taking part in the interview.