Is Streaming the New Cinema?

Posted by William - 09 Feb 2021
Uni-versal Extras have a look at the impact the pandemic has had on new film releases and how streaming services are filling in for cinemas!

We take a look at some of the hottest releases coming to streaming services for you to enjoy while the cinemas are closed.

The Big Screen, Surround Sound and Popcorn

Cinemas might have closed their doors, but luckily there are still plenty of ways to get your movie fix! The ever-changing landscape of streaming platforms is thankfully giving movies a place to share their releases so that we can enjoy them from the safety of our own homes.

Okay… we know it’s not quite the same! Obviously, we can’t wait to get back to the cinemas to enjoy the surround sound, massive screen, smell of hot popcorn and over-sized drinks – but given the current situation we’ll take all fresh entertainment we can get!

As you may have seen, plenty of big blockbusters have pushed back their release dates multiple times and some of you will have to wait a little longer to see yourselves in the hottest movies of the year. However, some of the big production companies decided to go straight to streaming – take Warner Bros. for example whose new releases that were originally planned for cinema such as The Matrix 4 and Dune, now coming straight to the HBO Max streaming service.

It’s a seismic shift, and here are some of our recent productions which are also available to stream –

Wonder Woman 1984

Artemis Fowl

Enola Holmes

The Witches

Blithe Spirit 


Netflix have also released their sizzle reel and plan to release a new film once a week, so that’s Friday evening sorted for the year!

How do you feel about the changes to film released during the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you excited to get back in the cinema or enjoying the ability to watch new releases from the comfort of home? Let us know in the comments below.